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the Palladium (Worcester, Ma) - [arch_enemy][machine_head][randomshots][sanctity][thy_will_be_done]
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[Sep 21,2007 3:50pm - the_reverend ""]
Machine Head / Arch Enemy
Throwdown / Sanctity
Doors Open at: 7:00 PM
Show Starts at: 8:00 PM
[Sep 21,2007 5:14pm - the_reverend ""]
leaving in like an hour
[Sep 21,2007 8:21pm - the_reverend ""]
wow, the palladium has new carpeting. it's so plush. I feel it under my shoes and can only imagine walking on angel soft tp. I hope they have a good warranty on it.
[Sep 21,2007 8:42pm - the_reverend ""]
thy will be done: so throwdown isn't playing tonight. RI's thy will be done was tossed on. Much to their delight I'm sure. They were oddly placed on that stage. Probably du to the fact that the monitors were 5 ft back. With 3 other backlines, they had a sliver of stage to move in with sound. The singer left this cocoon almost immediately and only made a few brief trips back there with the rest of the band. Since the other members need to hear things, they didn't reall venture out. On of the guitarists came out, but quickly retreated. They played well, but once I stopped snapping, I tuned out.
[Sep 21,2007 9:28pm - the_reverend ""]
sanctity: they are too bad, you know, for a roadrunner band. I'm hoping they don't get trivium'd out, but who knows. Take motorhead and megadeth and mix them together for a todays teenager on the go. People did cheer for them. There was even a pit. That opened up. I mean just cause throwdown wasn't there, doesn't mean they couldn't "throw down" for this band. Yuck yuck yuck.
[Sep 21,2007 11:13pm - the_reverend ""]
Arch Enemy: wow, all those little boys and girls clamoring to get to the front of the pack. And they had to wait... A long time. Someone messed up and brought 1/2 the lighting rigg down. The other 1/2 stayed were it was and wedge the motors sideways. It took them 20 extra minutes to clear out the chains and get the lights back up. For a while it looked like the lighting would just hang out inches above the drums. But it finally went up so that AE could come out. I personally like heartwork and arch enemy so eat a bag of dicks everyone. Their set was heavy on all the catchy tracks from the past albums and very light on the new CD (see the blood-splattered banner above). When they ended, they bowed and then came to hand out picks n sticks. The screams from the crowd were so fevered, screeching, and ear piercing that I had to put my ear plugs back in.
[Sep 21,2007 11:28pm - I_am_not_me ""]
New carpet at the Palladium? Sweet! Hopefully I get paid before Sonata Arctica next Saturday.

Did AE play Bury Me an Angel?
[Sep 22,2007 12:30am - the_reverend ""]
I think so.
I spaced out in the middle/wnd, but I think I heard it.
[Sep 22,2007 2:22am - the_reverend ""]
pictures uploading
[Sep 22,2007 3:07am - the_reverend ""]
what the hell?!
[Sep 22,2007 10:50am - Arist ""]
That vocalist looks photoshopped!
[Sep 22,2007 1:40pm - DestroyYouAlot ""]
I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

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