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11/16 @ The Palladium - Behemoth, JFAC, Gojira, Beneath the Massacre

the Palladium (Worcester, Ma) - [behemoth][beneath_the_massacre][gojira][job_for_a_cowboy][randomshots]
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[Nov 15,2007 9:42pm - sever ""]
who's going?
[Nov 15,2007 9:44pm - thegreatspaldino ""]
i wish i was
[Nov 15,2007 10:01pm - the_reverend ""]
[Nov 15,2007 10:30pm - Dankill  ""]
I got free tickets.
No brainer
[Nov 15,2007 10:31pm - FuckIsMySignature ""]
i have a show tomorrow at the north pole.
[Nov 15,2007 10:46pm - brian_dc ""]
I will be in Fitchburg...

fitchburging it up

I wouldn't have gone in any circumstance I suppose
[Nov 15,2007 11:00pm - MarkFuckingRichards ""]
I wanted to go just to see Gojira and Beneath The Massacre, but I don't think the drive, ticket price, and dealing with countless JFAC fanboys/girls would be worth it.
[Nov 15,2007 11:13pm - archaeon ""]
fucking work
[Nov 15,2007 11:27pm - AUTOPSY_666 ""]
[Nov 15,2007 11:33pm - FuckIsMySignature ""]
jaw-fucking a cowboy
[Nov 16,2007 1:41am - Phrozenspite ""]
is beneath the massacre playing i saw that they canceled a show the other night
[Nov 16,2007 10:39am - Yeti ""]
Worcester is going to be crawling with vermin tonight. well moreso than usual. my walk home from the train station brings me up the street next to the Palladium, oh man i might catch some wanna-be metal disease. when i walked by this morning their tour buses were parked outside, i so wish i had a molotov cocktail. too bad this is such a shitty show because i really want to see Gojira.
[Nov 16,2007 11:08am - DreamingInExile ""]
I'd go just to see Gojira and Behemoth... if I had the money, or the free time...
[Nov 16,2007 11:23am - quintessence  ""]
There are going to be sooooo many 16 year olds getting dropped off by their mom tonight.
[Nov 16,2007 3:57pm - sever ""]

behemoth!!!!!!!!!! :satancross: :satancross: :satancross: :satancross: :satancross: :satancross: :satancross: :satancross: :satancross: :satancross: :satancross: :satancross: :satancross:
[Nov 16,2007 4:36pm - dyingmuse ""]
I may go, concidering this now
[Nov 16,2007 4:43pm - the_reverend ""]
I'm leaving in about 40 minutes.
isn't gojira the guy with 4 arms from MK?
[Nov 16,2007 4:48pm - sever ""]
I dont think so, but the name is similar.
[Nov 16,2007 4:51pm - Blue ""]
the_reverend said:I'm leaving in about 40 minutes.
isn't gojira the guy with 4 arms from MK?

that's goro.
[Nov 16,2007 5:39pm - the_reverend ""]
I feel like the nerd in my class just ruined my joke.
[Nov 16,2007 7:25pm - the_reverend ""]
Beneath the massacre 7:30-7:55
Gojira 8:10-8:45
Job for a cowboy 9:05-9:45
Behemoth 10:10-11
[Nov 16,2007 8:03pm - the_reverend ""]
beneath the massacre: sounded awesome and all, but it was way too quiet. This did make them not sound better and less echoey. Their set did seem a bit too short too. Oh well, it was still it was good for their 3rd time here.
Looking at the mosh pits, im wondering how many anonymous posters are going to yell at me for not shooting a million sausage fest pics. At the end of BTM's set, there was a dude knocked out next to the bit. It looked an aweful lot like crazy dan. I hope it was no one I knew. Unlss it was hilarious and then I wished I took pictures.
[Nov 16,2007 8:48pm - the_reverend ""]
gojira: I don't have anything from this band. I also have never listened to them on tape/cd/mp3/betamax/phonographic cylinders/etc... They started off with a really long and anthem sound track that seemed to go on for a long time. It was a cool "build up" into what they followed with. I totally remember the last/first time I saw them right when they came out on stage. What I don't remember from last time was the bright sun bursts of light blazing from the strobes on the sides of the stage. Interesting to work with but like staring into the sun. Their set was the perfect length. I think they got 35 minutes which (besides maybe blind guardian) is the perfect amount of time for any band to play (unless I paid for the tickets then each band should get an hour per dollar per band and if they don't play the song that I'm screaming out for, I'm gonna riot.) the floor was a little thin for them. they must not be huge on myspace.
[Nov 16,2007 9:14pm - Hungtableed  ""]
Is this shit upstairs or downstairs?
[Nov 16,2007 9:15pm - the_reverend ""]
[Nov 16,2007 9:45pm - Hungtableed  ""]
Awesome. Now I'm not kicking my self in the ass for not going because Behemoth was the ONLY band I'd like to see from this line up. BTM and JFAC just don't do it for me...I have no idea who Gojira is. Upstairs Behemoth would have been worth every penny like the last time I saw them there.
[Nov 16,2007 9:48pm - the_reverend ""]
oh la-de-da, I saw blahblahblah.

job for a cowboy: oh which JFAC will this be. I'm hoping the really good one. So far they are like the two face from seinfeid. Judging from the first and second tour comparisons I've heard, it's really that they are now a tighter band. The some machine they turned on smells like over-powering hippie incense. I feel like im 6 and at my grandmother's house. Unlike grammy pepelis's house, this was being used to cover up the marry jane. They sounded excellent. Even on the old songs they sounded perfect on. Must be that they are the latter of what I said above. From where I was sitting, it looked like the singer was flinging these blue lights from the side of the stage. Probably just good timing, but it was uncanny. They ended with knee deep (the sponge bob song).

the grandmother incense has given me a headache. it's going to take a could crunch wrap supremes to fix this.
[Nov 16,2007 9:51pm - Hungtableed  ""]
[Nov 16,2007 9:52pm - the_reverend ""]
yeah, it'snot so god.
[Nov 16,2007 9:55pm - Hungtableed  ""]
I guess it's likely better than b.o...like pow wows where they burn white sage. the shit stinks like hell but it is only 1 bracket higher in tolerability than b.o.
[Nov 16,2007 10:13pm - the_reverend ""]
behemoth is on in seconds.
[Nov 16,2007 10:25pm - Hungtableed  ""]
If they play With Spell Of Inferno, feed me to the lions.
[Nov 16,2007 10:28pm - the_reverend ""]
oops.. forgot to shoot a picture of their set list.
[Nov 16,2007 10:34pm - Hungtableed  ""]
[Nov 16,2007 11:36pm - the_reverend ""]
guilty! lulz.

I love how in america, there are 2 races you are allowed to make fun of with out looking over your shoulders, asians and canadians. they can't fight you and the ones that could, can't understand what you are saying.
[Nov 16,2007 11:39pm - Hungtableed  ""]
canadians should be fed to the lions and asians, urrrrrrrrr, I mean aznz are fucking beyond crazy.
[Nov 16,2007 11:40pm - Hungtableed  ""]
How was Behemoth?
[Nov 17,2007 1:31am - the_reverend ""]
pictures uploading in a minute.
[Nov 17,2007 1:35am - Phrozenspite ""]
Behemoth absolutely slayed tightest i've ever heard them sound, last time I saw them at Sounds of the Underground I was less then impressed but tonight explained why they were getting named to the best live bands list in Terrorizer... especially the ripping up the bible part, I tried to toss them a lighter but i don't think they noticed
[Nov 17,2007 2:10am - the_reverend ""]
behemoth: wow, quality is that drummer's #1 job. So good and that's just them setting up. He sound checked the drums for like 20 minutes.
Im stealing this from a convo between heavymeatlsource.com and themetalunion.net
"are these guys from poland?"
"yeah, you know how you can tell"
"their crosses are upside down"
I just plagerized. See there folks, that wasn't that hard. Remember that next time you have a paper to do. Why do all that work yourself when someone else already did it for you. That's just working smarter, not harder.
They sound awesome. I can hear everything. Absolutely everything. This band is another one of those beyond tight BM bands that you hear about on your favorite college radio shows, like return to the pit. Funny how most of the crowd surfers seemed to be dames. I missed getting pictures of the bible being ripped up. But they tossed it int the crowd. they also did 2 encores.
[Nov 17,2007 2:49am - Phrozenspite ""]
yeah i noticed that too that every few minutes I'd get either a rack on the back of the head or turn around and see scene cleavage in my face... worthy addition to any show we should throw a myspace band on every gig haha
[Nov 17,2007 3:02am - Phrozenspite ""]
oh you got a pic of that dog... I was thinking maybe Behemoth was going to sacrifice it or something... oh well
[Nov 17,2007 9:46am - Hungtableed  ""]
Ripping up a Bible....that's not cheesy at all and it's completely original. Didn't Marilyn Manson do that? I'd like to see a a band rip up and/or burn a Koran, now that has likely never been done. I'm pretty sure that'd be a hate crime though.
[Nov 17,2007 10:56am - therippah  ""]
Yeah it's too bad the floor was "thin" for Gojira, cause personally I think they should've switched possitions with JFAC given their seniority and superiority. Hell of a show either way.
[Nov 17,2007 11:37am - Morbid Mike BMR Bass  ""]
Behemoth is Un-Fucking-Believable. I have never seen a bible ripped up in real life in front of a mass of people it's pretty stirring certainly sets a tone and when Manson does it it's just gay we're talking the some of most evil bunch of dudes around. How bout that Inferno?
[Nov 17,2007 2:41pm - the_reverend ""]

[Nov 18,2007 12:23am - wallz  ""]
Yeah that was pretty jarring. I was in the front, what did the people in the back end up doing with it? Haha did anyone actually light it on fire like he said?
[Nov 18,2007 1:04am - the_reverend ""]

wallz said:Yeah that was pretty jarring. I was in the front, what did the people in the back end up doing with it? Haha did anyone actually light it on fire like he said?

no fire that I saw.
[Nov 18,2007 1:05am - the_reverend ""]

the_reverend said:
wallz said:Yeah that was pretty jarring. I was in the front, what did the people in the back end up doing with it? Haha did anyone actually light it on fire like he said?

no fire that I saw.

but maybe
[Nov 18,2007 10:25am - Dankill  ""]
Great show.
Behemoth fucking KILLED. I just wished they had played "Zos Kia Cultus" which is a personal favorite track. But, them covering Turbonegro's "I Got Erection" was fucking hilarious.

BTM was tight as well. Gojira was pretty damn cool with their very bottom heavy sound. Sorta like Meshuggah but not. I dunno how to explain it.

I've never seen Job For a Cowboy until then and now I can say offically, I don't get the hype about these guys. The sound tech had the vocals up to high and the guitars too low so it sounded off anyways, but it was just boring. The only time the crowd seemed to get pretty amped up was when they played two older songs and that was about it. They sounded like they are still trying to change from a myspace deathgrind band into a real death metal band, but they are just not there yet.
[Nov 18,2007 12:50pm - FuckIsMySignature ""]
haha Mr. Bill. i have that whole series on DVD somewhere
[Nov 18,2007 1:45pm - goatcatalyst ""]
i drove to the fucking chance in poughkeepsie to see behemoth. figured they were headlining. i mean - why wouldn't they, right? got there at 10:15 and behemoth was just getting offstage. i was informed that JFAC and behemoth were "flip-flopping" / taking turns headlining. not even whisky could soften my wrath.
[Nov 18,2007 5:16pm - quintessence  ""]
Holy shit that sucks. I almost went to the chance show. I'm glad I didnt' now....
[Nov 18,2007 6:34pm - insipidzombie nli  ""]
yea i also went to the chance show. The show was advertised "Behemoth w/ JFAC." I caught about 2/3 of their set. I was really psyched to see Gojira, too. bummer
[Nov 18,2007 7:06pm - the_reverend ""]
the onl chance show I ever went to was cancelled before I got there and then I had to sit in 7hrs of holiday traffic to get back. lamers.
[Nov 19,2007 12:38pm - ouchdrummer ""]
Wow... what a good show. I missed BTM but i love em anyways. I am a HUGE Gojira fan, and they were out of control. They looked like they were having so much fun on stage. JFAC fucking sucked. I hate em, boring, awful sound. whatever , Behemoth was unbelievable. Best set i have seen in a while.

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