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Jan 13 (Sun) - Revocation, Ehnahre, Cyaegha, Dysentery - 9 pm - $7 - 21+ - O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA)

Sunday Jan. 13th - O'Brien's - Cyaegha (on tour from VA), Ehnahre, Revocation, Dysentery

O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA) - [cyaegha][dysentery][ehnahre][randomshots][revocation]
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[Nov 30,2007 11:34am - anthony ""]
Sunday January 13th - 9 pm - 21+ - $7

O'Brien's Pub
3 Harvard Ave
Allston MA 02134

CYAEGHA - extremely fucking killer blasting Death Metal in the vein of Cephalic Carnage and Cryptopsy; from Newport News VA.


EHNAHRE - ex-Kayo Dot, ex-Biolich, ex-Forcefedglass. Technical, blasting and unique extreme music. Recently signed to the UK's Sound Devastation Records. From Boston MA.


DYSENTERY - Retardedly brutal slamming Death Metal, on Amputated Vein Records. Now featuring Blue (Porphyria, ex-Reverend Grundarr and the Unholy Trinity) on the bass guitar. From Waltham MA.


REVOCATION - Technical Douche Thrash. From Boston MA.


Flyer coming soon.
[Nov 30,2007 12:54pm - thuringwethil at the library  ""]
Anthony, technical DOUCHE thrash?

hahahaha, wow.
favorite band ever.
[Nov 30,2007 2:31pm - Anthny  ""]
yeah we're assholes. this is gonna be a really good show, you should come.
[Nov 30,2007 4:37pm - Blue ""]
ill have a flyer for this as soon as ehnahre finally sends me a logo.
[Nov 30,2007 8:09pm - Blue ""]
[Nov 30,2007 8:49pm - w 3 nli  ""]
yeah cyaegha rules go check them the fuck out, their drummer and guitarists side project twin paradox is awesome as well
[Dec 5,2007 11:12am - anthny  ""]
Hey Blue, this is actually on Sunday not Saturday. Could you fix the flyer? Thx
[Dec 9,2007 5:27pm - wobblyknocker  ""]
drop acid then attend this show
[Dec 11,2007 4:18pm - bump  ""]
drink battery acid, then attend this show
[Dec 11,2007 4:32pm - aaron_michael ""]
hey Anthony, I just sent you a PM, but is there any possible way Hive Smasher can get on this? we're all Ehnahre fans from back in the day
[Dec 11,2007 5:49pm - Revocation ""]
Sorry guys but the show is already full.
[Dec 12,2007 7:03am - corpus_colostomy ""]
[Dec 17,2007 12:24am - resinrips  ""]
can't wait
[Dec 23,2007 3:37pm - porkchopsamwiches  ""]
[Dec 27,2007 1:06am - Anthony ""]
The linep for this show, first to last:

[Dec 27,2007 3:46pm - Revocation ""]
can't wait for this show!
[Dec 28,2007 1:25pm - THATS MR CAPS TO YOU  ""]


[Dec 28,2007 1:30pm - spurtinganal  ""]
Heh yeah. I think the hope it that by having Ehnahre play last the Allston hipster crowd will stay the whole night. Kayo Dot was pretty popular in this city. It's all about giving the touring band the chance to play for the most people and have the best time possible while they're in town.

I really hope people come out to see Cyaegha. They are an amazing band.
[Dec 28,2007 2:36pm - Revocation ""]
since there might some confusion the line up from first to last is


The reason Ehnahre are playing last is because they are in the studio that day, hipsters are not allowed at this show
[Dec 28,2007 6:25pm - corpus_colostomy ""]
gonna be sick! cant wait to see revocation and cyaegha!
[Dec 28,2007 7:11pm - RichHorror ""]
Having Ehnahre headline is a good idea. The kids can't get enough of those crazy cats' swingin' rock & roll numbers.
[Dec 29,2007 1:53pm - t-rat ""]
yeah. see ya there... douches.
[Dec 31,2007 3:11pm - plidgeon  ""]
ehnahre=boston's first all-gay mostly-alcoholic hipster metal. slim b used to be in that band...
[Jan 1,2008 4:39pm - Revocation ""]
[Jan 1,2008 4:50pm - the_reverend ""]
"hipsters are not allowed at this show"

fack, im boaned.
[Jan 1,2008 6:13pm - Revocation ""]
we'll make an exception for you Rev
[Jan 1,2008 6:34pm - the_reverend ""]
good. you are going to have to make one for RH too.
since he posts on the lemmingtrail.
[Jan 8,2008 10:01pm - anthony ""]
we're gonna mod out the stage at O'Brien's with a soul vortex for this show

[Jan 8,2008 10:17pm - RichHorror ""]
the_reverend said:good. you are going to have to make one for RH too.
since he posts on the lemmingtrail.

Dammit, I've been found out. The goggles, they do nothing!
[Jan 9,2008 5:50pm - Timma ""]
anthony said:we're gonna mod out the stage at O'Brien's with a soul vortex for this show


Make sure someone with a mic randomly pops into the side of the stage is screams "TOASTYYYYY!!!"
[Jan 11,2008 10:07pm - menstrual_sweatpants_disco ""]
I will be attending this show.
[Jan 12,2008 1:56pm - Revocation ""]
Tomorrow night!
[Jan 13,2008 11:25am - corpus_colostomy ""]
[Jan 13,2008 12:06pm - MarkFuckingRichards ""]
This show is going to be splendid.
[Jan 13,2008 2:25pm - Aegathis ""]
I am afraid to leave the house
[Jan 13,2008 5:01pm - Blue ""]
[Jan 13,2008 6:17pm - TheFilthyFrenchman ""]
There will more than likely be stoned Kiss sing-alongs in the revocation van between sets
[Jan 13,2008 6:19pm - the_reverend ""]
I just took my revocation shirt off after sweating hard in it.
leaving for this in a few.
[Jan 13,2008 6:20pm - yummy ""]
[Jan 13,2008 6:24pm - DrewBlood ""]
im so there, hopefully they'll have the giants game on at the bar
[Jan 13,2008 6:49pm - MarkFuckingRichards ""]
What time is Revocation going on?
[Jan 13,2008 7:12pm - Revocation ""]
guessing around 10
[Jan 13,2008 11:14pm - the_reverend ""]
Dysentery: tons of people from all aroun came out to see will. Will was brutal. For breakfast he had a hamburger today. Which he's gladly going to pay someone for next tuesday. Will will Will, Will will will. Will will will, infamously, will Will will?
They once again played new songs that are aimed for their nxt full length. One of the songs in the middle had a small bridge that reminded me a little of proteus. Just enough of a change up like that before going back into the slam. The next CD will be huge in asian... But none will hit state side until May 2010.
ps: Will was seen outside before the show hanging out with fellow celebrities goldie hawn, kurt douglas, and lenard nemoy.
[Jan 13,2008 11:42pm - the_reverend ""]
revocation: what elese would you expect other than them completely nailing it. Solo after solo. They als played 2 instrumentals along with 2 old songs and the rest from the material they have been working on for their new CD. One of the middle parts of the first instrumentals reminded me a lot of a RAOV song. I guess that shouldn't have surprised me. The thing that sucked about the instrumentals was they played them at he exact moment that I wanted to snap a wide mouthed bass singing shot. Bastards.
I wonderif their new stuff is coming out on a label.
[Jan 13,2008 11:57pm - the_reverend ""]
cyaegha: they were were sort of the reason that I came to this show. Anthony had been talking them up and I hdnt seen them before. Though in the end, I made the decision cause I got my new camera from virginia beach and they are from virginia. They were pretty sick AND they did a decapitated cover of sphers of maddness. That was awesome cause they nailed it with guest vocals. The only thing was the bass was way too quiet. I wished that they had turned them up for the bass parts. Oh well.
[Jan 14,2008 12:17am - corpus_colostomy ""]
great times. revocation was disgusting..
[Jan 14,2008 1:56am - the_reverend ""]
pictures uploadin
[Jan 14,2008 2:41am - RichHorror ""]
OMG, Dave is a beardo.
[Jan 14,2008 2:43am - the_reverend ""]
he looks creepy with it too.
[Jan 14,2008 2:44am - RichHorror ""]
As all beardos do.
[Jan 14,2008 7:46am - DrewBlood@Work  ""]
T.O. is sad that he missed this show
[Jan 14,2008 10:16am - aaron_michael ""]
goddamn sunday shows. Will called me, and Eric left me an email.
I get home from band practice, sit down with my book, and the next thing I know, my fucking alarm is going off for me to go to work.
Sleeping is getting in the way of me going to good shows. I need to cut that out.
[Jan 14,2008 11:19am - menstrual_sweatpants_disco ""]
Good show. Dysentery brought the slam. And it was good to finally formally meet Drew even though I had met him a dozen times before haha
[Jan 14,2008 1:56pm - Revocation ""]
I had a blast, all the bands were sweet. Unfortunately my beardo status will be over soon. I have to decide between having a sweet moustache or insane muttonchops for a few days. Perhaps both.
[Jan 14,2008 2:05pm - RichHorror ""]
A moustache would be way more thrash metal.
[Jan 14,2008 3:36pm - tomxnli  ""]
dysentery's set was absolutely crushing, and it was good to finally meet nick and catch up with some folks i havent seen in forever. revocation was 100% awesome, and march is gonna be an awesome month if both these bands put out their albums without any delays.
[Jan 15,2008 8:48am - corpus_colostomy ""]
great to meet you as well tom. thnx for coming up from RI.


rev, is that you dead center in this photo (hoodie up)? how'd you do dat?
[Jun 16,2009 10:03pm - boblovesmusic ""]
Still one of my favorite shows ever.
[Jun 17,2009 10:23am - corpus_colostomy ""]
old school goodness.
[Jan 13,2010 8:24am - boblovesmusic ""]
Two years ago, I went to this show and saw what awesomeness the Boston/NE scene had to offer. Two years later, I'm apart of that awesome scene. This day/show will forever be a turning point for me!

/sappy nostalgia!
[Jan 14,2010 8:31am - corpus  ""]
great show!
[Jan 14,2010 9:02am - timma ""]
Absolutely killer show, this was my very first Revocation experience. It change my life forever.
[Jan 14,2010 9:07am - reimroc ""]
why the fuck can't this show of been this year?
[May 31,2014 4:41pm - boblovesmusic ""]
wow this was 6 years ago

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