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Anyone wanna buy one of my snare drums?

[Jan 21,2008 4:17pm - theaccurseddrummer ""]

12" Slingerland snare, not sure if it's brass or copper or what, but it's got a killer pop to it, and has been used as an auxiliary left hand snare for more than a year, so it's seen very little action. It's in great shape, purchased more than a year ago for $150, but I'll take $100 for it. Hit me up, first come first serve.

[Jan 22,2008 8:24pm - theaccurseddrummer ""]
[Jan 22,2008 8:42pm - SkinSandwich ""]
Ask Heath Ledger if he will buy it, err, wait. To Late.
[Jan 22,2008 8:46pm - ZenErik ""]
If it were 8x14, it'd be mine.
[Jan 23,2008 10:02am - theaccurseddrummer ""]
I think this one's a 6"x12", but without taking the rims and heads off to measure it, I can't say for sure. Still a good drum though, I just replaced it with a Pearl Firecracker which a little smaller, and it's black so it matches the rest of my kit.
[Jan 23,2008 3:14pm - mOe ""]
agreed, if this were a 14" i'd be on it, i need more/better snares
[Jan 23,2008 3:54pm - ZenErik ""]
I kind of wished I used an auxiliary snare so I could buy this, but I will be having electronics in that spot, hah.

I need to make a thread on selling my kit sometime... But if anyone that reads this wants a clear snow acrylic Epiarch 3-piece, send me a message. I have pictures around. You can order more drums if you want. Sizes are 8x14 snare, 18x22 kick, 14x16 floor tom. $1300. I payed $2370. I've had it for about 3 weeks, but I decided I need bigger drums... And no, I'm not really losing a ton of money on this. The next kit I get from Epiarch is free free free.

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