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Mar 30 (Sun) - converge, red chord, the, baroness, genghis tron - the Palladium (Worcester, MA)


the Palladium (Worcester, MA) - [baroness][converge][genghis_tron][the_red_chord]
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[Feb 1,2008 8:44am - succubus ""]
[Feb 1,2008 8:45am - succubus ""]
it's not yet on the events page...i'm on text so can't add it there
[Feb 1,2008 10:14am - diarrhea_blumpkin ""]
wonderful.... because seeing converge with crowd barriers is like getting punched in the junk with a wooden spatula.

[Feb 1,2008 10:16am - the_reverend ""]
so you are saying this will be downstairs and not upstairs?
[Feb 1,2008 10:17am - the_reverend ""]
this smells like an upstairs show.
Converge / The Red Chord
Baroness / Genghis Tron The Palladium Worcester MA 6:00pm doors
7:00pm show
[Feb 1,2008 1:28pm - diarrhea_blumpkin ""]
man i hope your right
[Feb 1,2008 1:28pm - timma ""]
diarrhea_blumpkin said:wonderful.... because seeing converge with crowd barriers is like getting punched in the junk with a wooden spatula.

That's the most amazing analogy I've ever seen. Well done.
[Feb 1,2008 1:31pm - diarrhea_blumpkin ""]
its funny... but also true
[Mar 30,2008 1:25pm - the_reverend ""]
this is tonight and they said that it was moved back upstairs.
[Mar 30,2008 1:35pm - i_am_lazy  ""]
Ditch Converge and the Red Chord and I'd be interested.
[Mar 30,2008 2:02pm - todayistheday nli  ""]
sweeet. if its upstairs , i might have to go
[Mar 30,2008 2:39pm - the_network_booking ""]
I know the palladium website listed this as downstairs yesterday....either way I shall be there with some scummers!
[Mar 30,2008 3:53pm - xanonymousx ""]
i really wanted to go to this, but yeah, i will be going alone and really thats not much fun...
[Mar 30,2008 4:09pm - todayistheday nli  ""]
im going alone....prob leaving at 6
[Mar 30,2008 4:28pm - Dankill  ""]
Word on the street is:
Al talked to the guy who does merch for Despised Icon and is currently on tour doing merch for the Red Chord. He told Al, from the Palladium, that they moved the show as of today to the Upstairs.
So, if that is the case, I forsee the show selling out fast and a long line of misinformed and very angry people.
Ya might wanna call the Palladium to check if that's true.
[Mar 30,2008 4:39pm - todayistheday nli  ""]
[Mar 30,2008 5:19pm - todayistheday nli  ""]
if i wont get there till almost seven ....you think ill be able to get in?
[Mar 30,2008 5:21pm - ConquerTheBaphomet ""]
My guitarist is going and I hate him for it. I wanna see The Red Chord and Converge so bad.
[Mar 30,2008 5:25pm - xanonymousx ""]
then go.
[Mar 30,2008 5:26pm - xanonymousx ""]

todayistheday%20nli said:if i wont get there till almost seven ....you think ill be able to get in?

you got about 30 minutes to get to an FYE and buy tickets... i think
[Mar 30,2008 5:38pm - the_reverend ""]
I talked to most of the staff last night and they all were surprised that it was upstais too. maybe it'll get moved downstairs, but I doubt it. there will probably be 300fish people not able to get in.
[Mar 30,2008 5:47pm - todayistheday nli  ""]
ugh nevermind..im not driving 45 minutes just to not be able to get in
[Mar 30,2008 5:58pm - ConquerTheBaphomet ""]

xanonymousx said:then go.

I don't have the time to drive 2 hours away when I have other plans anyway.
[Mar 30,2008 6:17pm - the_reverend ""]
if I see that it's downstairs, I will post.
[Mar 30,2008 7:11pm - the_reverend ""]
there are still tickets;but the place is filling up. genghistron is on now.
[Mar 30,2008 7:38pm - the_reverend ""]
genghis tron: they were better at great scotts. With that said (and the new CD out) they played a billion times better than they did at this venue the last time. It's gotta be the lighting. they ruled.
[Mar 30,2008 7:50pm - the_reverend ""]
they didn't charge fat guys for 2 tickets to get in so there are still tickets.
[Mar 30,2008 7:53pm - todayistheday nli  ""]
fuck..just say its sold out so i dont feel like an ass for not going
[Mar 30,2008 8:38pm - the_reverend ""]
it's gotta be close. the balcoony is full and th floor is full. weird that the "usual" faces aren't in the crowd. all of the recent upstairs palladium shows have been weird like that. a lot of really drunk people stopping me to say they went to my site for the first time after soilwork.

baroness: baroness is one of the only bands in the world who's myspace I frequent. When every I do, I leave the page open until the music stops. I never compromise my computer's ability to play tetris like that for anyone one else. My only problem with their set was that it would be over way too soon. They only had 30 minutes and some technical difficulties (plus 20 minutes for sound checking the drums for some reason) made them start a minute or so late. At the 37 minute mark of their set, the sound guy started flashing tem with a light to get off the stage. At that point they kicked.. Er.. That's to strong of a word... They slipped into that slow repetitive riff that builds up slowly. Best part of their whole set. Best riff of their whole set. They finished off a 45 minute set without incident. So good.
[Mar 30,2008 8:48pm - GoatCatalyst ""]
Baroness rules. If I didn't just cum across these two new Deathspell CDs, I'd almost be bummed for missing this show. Party like a werewolf.
[Mar 30,2008 9:54pm - the_reverend ""]
red chord, the: kids were way into them. Way. Guy had to play stage dad and catch all the young nippers from landing on their heads on stage. Oh there were a lot of people to catch too. Even during the songs that I didn't know, I guess that they did cause they moshed out to the maximum. There was also an epic fail in the science of stagedivingcraft by chuck (the metal union). Right at the start of their set the whole crowd surged forward. That's a pretty good sign. There was also an epic stage surge during dreaming in dog years where the bouncers had no clue what to do and they just tossed dropplets in the wave of humans back into the sea, trying to keep them from pounding against the cabs. Definitely one of those "show ending" moments. After being pressed up against the wall, the new guitar player just gave up and crowd surfed.
[Mar 30,2008 11:17pm - CMTAIB ""]
thats chuck for you...
[Mar 31,2008 12:41am - the_reverend ""]
[Mar 31,2008 9:06am - brad weymouth  ""]
converge review?
[Mar 31,2008 12:21pm - Jonahspeed  ""]
Baroness took the show, converge fucking ruled too
[Mar 31,2008 2:59pm - paganrttper  ""]
I would fuck every single memeber of Baroness. They are fucking hot. I'd love there sweaty hairy ball bags to rest perfectly on my frequently cummed on forehead
[Mar 31,2008 5:33pm - brandon...nli  ""]
[Mar 31,2008 5:55pm - kanegelaznik ""]
converge were fucking awesome aside from the fact that they opened with that track off of no heroes that has that really long intro that just kurt playing the same riff over and over for like a minute and a half. they played home wrecker which is fucking awesome, and they played forsaken and some song off of when forever comes crashing that i can't remember the name of. jake bannon just started making fun of all the kids making requests too. there was like three kids dancing and a bunch of suicide silence kids pushing eachother. they closed with concubine into fault and fracture.
[Mar 31,2008 6:06pm - NorthernFrost ""]
Plagues is the best opener ever.
[Mar 31,2008 6:07pm - the_reverend ""]
[Mar 31,2008 6:09pm - heath ledger  ""]
Who complains when Converge opens with plagues (a.k.a. the long guitar intro song)? It's heavy as fuck, and is the perfect way for them to open a set. They've done it the past 3 times I've seen them and I (as well as every other person in the room) lose my fucking mind during that part every time. I guess kids at palladium shows want the hits.
[Mar 31,2008 9:01pm - adamnorton  ""]
the last post is inaccurate

heath ledger is dead
[Mar 31,2008 9:10pm - the_reverend ""]
where have I heard that before?
[Mar 31,2008 10:20pm - diarrhea_blumpkin ""]
the last 4 times I've seen converge, they have played the same set every time. If they would play Petitioning from start to finish i would die happy.
[Apr 1,2008 3:26pm - markusblanch  ""]
i had to stop a random hospital and go into emergency on the way home from this show. my apentix almost burst and i had it removed the next morning

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