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Items for sale

[Mar 28,2008 4:41pm - B.Wilde ""]
I am currently selling these reasonably priced items:

Peavey XXL212 2X12 Cabinet Blue Marvel speakers 8 ohms load - $225 or best offer

Lefty Agile PS-900 Amber Quilt Guitar PRS Copy w/seymour duncan JB pick up in the bridge position - $250 or best offer

Blem Lefty Brice HXB405 Natural quilt top 5 string Bass guitar item had a factory blem 4 inch scratch under volume knobs - $185 or best offer

4/4 Full Size Murano Cello including Bow, soft case, and stand - $85 or best offer

These items are located in Allston, MA. You can contact me at XELAWP@yahoo.com or 6173192813 if you're interested in these items.
[Mar 31,2008 5:11pm - B.Wilde ""]
sold the agile... buy my shit!
[Mar 31,2008 5:46pm - My_Dying_Bride ""]
you got any 4 string lefty basses?
[Mar 31,2008 7:46pm - ArrowHeadNLI ""]
Another lefty? Awesome!
[Mar 31,2008 7:48pm - ArrowHeadNLI ""]
P.S. - how does the bass sound? Active Pups?
[Mar 31,2008 7:52pm - cannabiscomplex  ""]
It's a really nice bass. I have played it and remember wishing it was not lefty.
[Mar 31,2008 7:53pm - cannabiscomplex  ""]
I didn't play it plugged in but the action and playability are sweet and it just looks awesome.
[Mar 31,2008 7:53pm - ArrowHeadNLI ""]
Nevermind, they sell for the same price new and unblemished.

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