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America is going to shit the same way Rome did

[Mar 31,2008 8:25pm - fleshfries ""]
Worth the click.

[Mar 31,2008 8:30pm - the_reverend ""]
more bathhouses please

[Mar 31,2008 9:12pm - fleshfries ""]
Hey Rev, where do you find the video number anyway? I'm sick of posting links.
[Mar 31,2008 9:20pm - the_reverend ""]
click "quote" on my post and compare it with your post.
[Mar 31,2008 9:31pm - Niccolai ""]
You mean America is going to get invaded by the franks and vandals and they are going to steal our gold and rape our women folk?
[Mar 31,2008 9:31pm - the_reverend ""]
did you watch the video?
[Mar 31,2008 9:34pm - Conservationist ""]
The West is done.

Democracy, Christianity, tolerance for morons... that killed you.

Die you stupid fuckers.
[Mar 31,2008 10:18pm - DaveFromTheGrave ""]

the_reverend said:did you watch the video?

Yeah. it says that the king of england is going to break down our door the minute we give up our guns. But hey, why would he listen to any one else's opinion?
[Dec 6,2011 10:26pm - sds  ""]
[Dec 12,2011 8:04am - IllinoisEnemaBradness ""]
[Dec 12,2011 10:03am - Lysander  ""]
That's interesting. I was writing an extended diatribe this morning, for no good reason at all, and I noticed myself more and more comparing the American Empire to the final impotent years during which Rome called itself an empire.

I guess it is as Philip K Dick reiterated extensively in his exegesis: "The Empire never ended."
[Dec 12,2011 8:23pm - Ridahs  ""]
This video is literally the most illogical piece of shit I've seen in a while.

so basically he is committing propaganda by defining all totalitarian governments as left wing and anarchism as right wing...I think this guy is in the vast minority.

Also, so the guys opinion that anarchy is wrong because of one greek quote is enough evidence? what about the greek play antigone? which is basically the best propaganda for anarchy there is, useless rulers making up dumb rules and getting people killed because they are in a straigtjacket of authority.
[Dec 12,2011 8:26pm - Ridahs  ""]


I am not a Maoist at all, but this is way better useless youtube propaganda.
[Dec 30,2011 11:14pm - NKinNE  ""]

[Dec 30,2011 11:15pm - NKinNE  ""]
[Feb 21,2012 10:56am - punk potenza  ""]
fuck politics lets riot. who cares

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