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The Stand is on Scifi

[Apr 20,2008 5:12pm - SkinSandwich ""]
Have not seen this is some time. M-o-o-n, that spells moon!
[Apr 20,2008 5:16pm - MetalThursday ""]
Awesome miniseries, but some of the worst CGI to ever make it onto the screen.
[Apr 20,2008 6:27pm - SkinSandwich ""]
Ha, yeah I noticed it too. Massive cheese.
[Apr 20,2008 7:54pm - thuringwethil ""]

I'll have to re-read it

as far as Stephen King adaptations go, The Stand was awesome

but the BEST?

the one h hated the most

KUBRICK'S The Shining
[Apr 20,2008 8:40pm - MetalThursday ""]
Whaaaaat a friend we have in Jeeeeeeeeesus....

You lie, mother!

[Apr 20,2008 8:55pm - Beorht-Dana ""]
If this is the same mini-series adaptation I saw a few years ago, I thought it sucked. I loved the book but the acting in the TV version was AWFUL. Not to mention, being on TV a lot of it was censored. A real disapointment considering its my favorite King novel.
[Apr 21,2008 10:40am - Yeti ""]
i watched some of this, but these mini-series adaptations do nothing for me. i love the book, if i'm going to spend time on the story i'll just re-read it.
[Apr 21,2008 11:40am - FuckIsMySignature ""]
i just liked the part where dead bodies were rotting on the highways and tunnels.

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