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so I got a new kitten, yay!!

[Apr 28,2008 7:22am - SkinSandwich ""]
still trying to figure the name. He actuaslly does look like one of those hitler cats, haha!! I might name him autopsy666 or rev., umm, no. I am always worried I am going to step on him. :(:sctachy:
[Apr 28,2008 7:26am - the_reverend ""]
carina worries that about me.
[Apr 28,2008 7:38am - SkinSandwich ""]
you have a small kitten too rev?
[Apr 28,2008 8:36am - aril  ""]
just got a new puppy on Saturday. Named him Odin. It's funny because this morning I woke up and he was chewing on the Mjolnir on my neck

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