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Nergal from Behemoth

[Sep 16,2008 10:52am - ouchdrummer ""]
said happy birthday to me on the phone yesterday.
He was hanging with my good friend the hot-dominatrix (code name LIZ) and she had him say happy bday to me on the phone yesterday. Most metal birthday greeting ever. boo ya.
[Sep 16,2008 10:54am - brian_dc ""]
did he, perchance, also tell you to "stay metal \m/"
[Sep 16,2008 11:02am - thuringwethil ""]
he doesn't record albums. He GIVES BIRTH to albums.
[Sep 16,2008 11:04am - goatcatalyst ""]
That Adam is a zany Pole.
[Sep 16,2008 11:04am - goatcatalyst ""]
ps - happy late birthday dude. a spliff and some DMT fo yo azz
[Sep 16,2008 11:06am - slymo ""]
you should also have told him that behemoth is one of your favorite death metal bands ever. he gets wicked pissed about that, I guess he has a problem with being death metal.
[Sep 16,2008 11:49am - ouchdrummer ""]
he's funny, when him and my friend "liz" met, he thanked me for bringing her to the show. and said "you make my country very proud". haha
[Sep 16,2008 11:50am - ouchdrummer ""]

goatcatalyst said:ps - happy late birthday dude. a spliff and some DMT fo yo azz

thanks bro, and yes spliffs-a-plenty. No Dmtizzle, but my buddy did make me some poppy pod tea... Good times.
[Sep 16,2008 11:53am - Mess ""]
wow, this is like, right up there with elmo huh dude?
[Sep 16,2008 11:54am - ouchdrummer ""]
ya mean like Elmo saying happy birthday? i is confused. Nergals way cooler than elmo.
[Sep 16,2008 3:15pm - 555-5785  ""]
Nergal, please!
[Feb 25,2013 9:41pm - Alex_Mooney_likes_this ""]
[Jun 27,2013 8:27am - scottfromzircon ""]
[Jun 27,2013 8:51am - wily faggot thread marked for deletion  ""]

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