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too much graveside service

[Oct 9,2008 5:44pm - ouchdrummer ""]
too many threads brought up at once. bumpa bumpa bumpa
[Oct 9,2008 5:46pm - ouchdrummer ""]
no.... is not krieg!!!
[Oct 9,2008 5:51pm - McGunk  ""]
i used to be in this band and they are really boring and terrible now. They probably only got a guitarist just to to be able to say they have one, as they make him play the same simple power chord in all the songs because the keyboardist wants to get all the attention. Either that or he just can't really play. I saw some of the clips from the AS220 show and it was really, really boring and I couldn't even watch it was so annoying. The vocals suck bad now just a big whining jerkface and the stage setup was same ol same old and the costume the singer wore was embarassing and retarded! really sad. But whatever, I guess they are only doing it because they like it so I just say let em' if it makes them so happy.
[Oct 9,2008 8:12pm - GRAVESIDESERVICE  ""]
never enough bizarreness
[Oct 10,2008 1:39am - STLUCI ""]
now we have 2 reoccurring , pasted posts . lovely !!
[Feb 8,2019 6:24am - Colton738  ""]
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