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Nov 20 (Thu) - agnostic front, Outbreak - Dover Brick House (Dover, NH)

Agnostic Front at the DBH tonight

Dover Brick House (Dover, NH) - [agnostic_front][antibodies][outbreak][quick_to_judge]
[show listing]  _______________________________________
[Nov 20,2008 12:32pm - the_reverend ""]
can't wait!
[Nov 20,2008 12:37pm - archaeon ""]
[Nov 20,2008 1:01pm - the_reverend ""]
um.... hm..
[Nov 20,2008 2:34pm - CrabRagoon ""]
Anyone else suspect this might get shut down quickly?
[Nov 20,2008 5:06pm - the_reverend ""]
I hope nope.
[Nov 20,2008 5:09pm - MillenialKingdom ""]
I can't stand this band.
[Nov 20,2008 5:17pm - the_reverend ""]

[Nov 20,2008 5:25pm - MillenialKingdom ""]
Just not into that super tough guy Hardcore. Plus, their vocals are TERRIBLE.
[Nov 20,2008 5:39pm - the_reverend ""]
roger merit with out a doorag? wtf!
agnostic front isn't tough guy hardcore.
it's NYC hardcore... old school!
[Nov 20,2008 6:02pm - blue ""]
totally forgot about this show. im sure its going to be intense.
[Nov 20,2008 7:18pm - the_reverend ""]
leaving in a minute.
my brain just clicked off and I took a micronap.
[Nov 20,2008 8:30pm - the_reverend ""]
it is sold out
[Nov 20,2008 9:50pm - the_reverend ""]
antibodies was ok. punk rock. they had stage banter pre-set and did a cover of somebody put something in my drink.
[Nov 21,2008 12:04am - chrisabomb ""]

the_reverend said:it is sold out

[Nov 21,2008 1:15am - the_reverend ""]
[Nov 21,2008 1:41am - the_reverend ""]
this show was ridiculously awesome.
[Nov 21,2008 3:33am - nickyhelliot ""]
Thanks a lot for taking a shit ton of pictures for us rev. That was one of the best shows I've seen at the DBH in a good long time.
[Nov 21,2008 4:12am - nickyhelliot ""]
Haha there's 603 pictures.
[Nov 21,2008 12:56pm - the_reverend ""]
I didn't notice the 603 picture. ha!
[Nov 21,2008 3:09pm - joeycobra ""]
this was at the Brickhouse...wtf....really wish I went....love that place.
[Nov 21,2008 5:20pm - todayistheday nli  ""]
soooo outbreak is full of replacement players at the moment eh?
[Nov 21,2008 5:22pm - the_reverend ""]
I honestly didn't recognize them and was wondering that myself.
[Nov 22,2008 8:21am - shizz187  ""]
this show was insane!! it was an honer to be apart of it. all the bands played so hard and aggressive. thanks rev for the photos!! and thanks too all of you for helping keep new hampshire scene alive. i will never forget this night.~ shizz~ QUICK TO JUDGE
[Nov 25,2008 11:10pm - af_dave  ""]
Yo, I am the one that got the show rolling through dover NH. didnt get shut down, and everyone had an incredible time including all the bands.
a big shout out for my boys in AF for coming on through! this is just a taste as to what I am going to be getting to come through Dover since I moved here. I am putting dover back on the map!! I will be getting all the hardcore bands to stop on through!

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