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pulling teeth in doylestown PA

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[Mar 1,2009 11:57am - kanegelaznik ""]

03-01-2009 17:00 at The Moose
127 East State St, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

w/ Ringworm, Have Heart, Mother Of Mercy, My Luck, Mongoloids, Time’s Up, Rival Mob

any body know anything about this place
[Mar 1,2009 12:42pm - Lamp ""]

kanegelaznik said:any body know anything about this place

The name of this place is The Moose, it's on 127 East State St. in Doylestown, PA, and tonight, Pulling Teeth is playing there with Ringworm, Have Heart, Mother of Mercy, My Luck, Mongoloids, Time's Up, and Rival Mob.
[Mar 1,2009 12:48pm - MarkFuckingRichards ""]
Hrmmm...I'm tempted to go to this.

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