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Mar 11 (Wed) - H20, Cruel Hand, Stigma, Soul Control, and Defeater - the Palladium (Worcester, MA)

H2O and Defeater tonight at the Palladium

the Palladium (Worcester, MA) - [cruel_hand][defeater][h20][randomshots][soul_control][stigma]
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[Mar 11,2009 11:55am - the_reverend ""]
you think it will sell out?
[Mar 11,2009 12:01pm - the_reverend ""]
looks like futurebreed and I are shooting it.
[Mar 11,2009 12:04pm - futurebreed ""]
Yeah, I'll definitely be shooting tonight. Todd wasn't sure if he was going yet
[Mar 11,2009 1:16pm - futurebreed ""]
The Middle East Downstairs show for their CD release sold out so I don't see why the Palladium Upstairs wouldn't sell out. Especially since their Boston dates with DKM sold out before they were even announced on the show.
[Mar 11,2009 1:17pm - the_reverend ""]
I saw the DKM shows and thought long and hard about shooting them. I'm sure carina will shoot them.
[Mar 11,2009 2:18pm - goatcatalyst ""]
I remember when H20 was good. Fuck, I feel old.
[Mar 11,2009 2:28pm - futurebreed ""]
I'm shooting the DKM show tomorrow night. Shooting at the HOB is a pain in the ass. Half the time, they suddenly say "only two photographers" and cut out everyone else's passes or make you sign away every right you have in the world in a waiver, the other half of the time you get a media waiver for one publication only and only get rights to post photos online for 30 days.
[Mar 11,2009 6:19pm - the_reverend ""]
that sucks. doors at 6:30. defeater starts at 7
[Mar 11,2009 6:37pm - the_reverend ""]
[Mar 11,2009 7:43pm - the_reverend ""]
stand around crowd in full effect!
[Mar 11,2009 8:12pm - the_reverend ""]
defeater was awesome. the crowd totally stood around, but this was the reason that I came to this show. they did not disappoint me though they did come in with profit in plan cloths and cut out right when the bright eyes part is. it cut right into one of the echoey starting songs. it did start a little late.
[Mar 11,2009 8:15pm - the_reverend ""]
soul control is the most aptly named band in the world. when I see them, I think "wow.. their music just sounds like their name". once again the crowd didn't care at all that they were playing. just like when defeater played. a lot of the people in the crowd were friends of theirs from pvd. they did make cupcake minis that they were eating in the front row... I want one.
[Mar 11,2009 8:16pm - the_reverend ""]
agnostic front is setting up right now. oops.. I mean stigma.
[Mar 11,2009 9:13pm - the_reverend ""]
stigma was punky with vinny stigma doing a lot of talking vocals and talking in brooklyn catch phrases in between songs. it was ok, but the audience didn't move. a couple of the better songs were drunk punk.
[Mar 12,2009 1:23am - the_reverend ""]
[Mar 12,2009 8:56am - joeycobra ""]
wow....lame crowd Defeater & Soul Control are fucking great.

[Mar 12,2009 5:08pm - KatieCupcakeXVX ""]
listen up Mr. Sassy Photographer..those cupcakes were for anyone that wanted em! next time ask! or just take one! :-) lol..ill make sure to personally serve you one at the next show...xoxo
[Mar 12,2009 5:17pm - DestroyYouAlot ""]

goatcatalyst said:I remember when H20 was good. Fuck, I feel old.

You remember an imaginary time in a faraway land, then, sirrah.
[Mar 12,2009 11:07pm - the_reverend ""]
like I have to say it, but cruel hand brought, laid it down, and had people mosh all over it. good energy and a pretty good reaction from the crowd. it was sort of like a big old friends fest since it seemed like all the faces there were the old and the regular. a lot of well known faces there. A side note, one time (maybe 4 years ago and a bane show) at the ICC I saw the singer jump off the PA, land on the side of the stage, and flop on the floor into the crowd. I would have sworn he was dead, but a second later he's somewhere else in the crowd climbing back for the stage.

anyhow this show should have been at anchors up. this would have been an epic show if it had been there.
[Mar 13,2009 1:15pm - futurebreed ""]
I agree.... H2O has played the Middle East, Elks, ICC, and Palladium since they made their 'comeback.' It's time for an Anchors Up show
[Mar 13,2009 1:33pm - the_reverend ""]
weird... I could have sworn futurebreed was there shooting.. I have yet to see any links on this message board to such a thing.
[Mar 14,2009 12:52pm - the_reverend ""]

KatieCupcakeXVX said:listen up Mr. Sassy Photographer..those cupcakes were for anyone that wanted em! next time ask! or just take one! :-) lol..ill make sure to personally serve you one at the next show...xoxo
I was busy "working". I guess next time H2Oor soul control plays, I get a cupcake.

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