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Looking for Flightcases

[Jul 18,2009 6:16pm - paganmegan ""]
I need flight cases: one for my Marshall TSL 2000 head, and one for my Mesa cab. They don't have to be top of the line, I just need something to protect my equipment on its journey.
Get in contact if you have some for sale, know someone who has some for sale, or if you have some ideas as to where I can get a hold of this equipment for a reasonable price on short notice in the New England area.
[Jul 18,2009 6:18pm - paganmegan ""]
e-mail: pagan666leo@yahoo.com
all help on this appreciated
[Jul 18,2009 9:53pm - IllinoisEnemaBradness ""]
just blow some dude, he'll hook it up

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