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All That Remains Record Release show - 3/28 - Fat Cats in Springfield

Fat Cat's (Springfield, Ma) - [all_that_remains][every_single_nerve][funeral_in_fame][randomshots][swear_to_god][the_acacia_strain]
[Mar 29,2004 12:52am - theundergroundscene ""]
It is with great sadness that I must inform you that the Rev will not be posting his pictures until he has an internet connection tomorrow morning. If you want someone to blame, blame succubus.

Matt Bachand played "To Ashes" with All That Remains. That's about as good as it gets right there!

Anyway, I am sure this is hurting the Rev much more than it is hurting all of you! So sit tight and his pictures (of doom) shall be up in the morning... and stuff.

PS - You're welcome Aaron haha.
[Mar 29,2004 7:42am - the_reverend ""]
yeah yeah yeha.
pictures will be up shortly.
[Mar 29,2004 8:47am - succubus ""]
actually the rev was not hurting and was quite happy to see me, thank you very much!
[Mar 29,2004 9:01am - the_reverend ""]
funeral in fame: sounded awesome. I'm sure they were super tired after the show in PA last night.

every single nerve: sounds a bit like some mid-west w3music bands. slower guitars not much moshing.

swear to god: new singer who sounds like the singer for byd.

the acacia strain: who's the loudest band ever? 3-full stacks? it was loud as hell.

all that remains: rocked out like rock stars, even with the whole sneaking on stage thing. it was their cd-release party so they can do that. matt from SF played to asshes with them was pretty awesome.
[Mar 29,2004 12:57pm - indian413  ""]
the show was sick, springfields back bitch. a lot of people came out for the show. im glad everyone had a good time.
[Mar 29,2004 1:22pm - Terence ""]
Springfield's back? It always had a huge metalcore scene.
[Mar 29,2004 3:37pm - arsonick ""]
the acacia strain are fun but i think blood has been shed called and want their breakdown back.

(technicolor jackets....3750)
[Mar 29,2004 8:29pm - drectasslt  ""]
Hey if anyone made a video or knows someone who made a video of this show, please contact me a drectasslt@charter.net I really want to get a copy. Thanks alot.
[Mar 29,2004 8:54pm - theundergroundscene ""]
succubus said:actually the rev was not hurting and was quite happy to see me, thank you very much!

[Mar 29,2004 9:02pm - the_reverend ""]
man if she had internet access right now you wuld be soooo dead.

I think tomorrow, I'll be sleeping at her place again.
that means as i lay dying and bdm pictures won't be up until the morning. unless I get laid off from work tomorrow. then I might not have a laptop to process them anyhow.
[Mar 29,2004 9:08pm - theundergroundscene ""]
Hahahaha I know I am pushing my luck.
[Apr 1,2004 1:18pm - DeezNuts  ""]
Swear to God needs John back. They should have never parted with him.
[Apr 1,2004 1:55pm - succubus ""]
theundergroundscene said:Hahahaha I know I am pushing my luck.

yep...you'll get it when i see you next mistah!!!

[Apr 1,2004 4:21pm - SinPromos  ""]
That show rocked. All I got to say.

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