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***DOUR CURSIVA - Long Lost song becomes available for download!!!!!!!!!***

[Oct 8,2009 11:26am - Murph ""]
From a weekend studio session in the Summer of 2008, former metal-core felchers Dour Cursiva have unearthed a previously unreleased track named "Domestic Nation."

Now available for free download.

Enjoy, or don't.


[Oct 8,2009 11:26am - NLI  ""]
Did this leak on a blog? PLEASE TELL ME I NEED TO KNOW
[Oct 8,2009 11:30am - the_reverend ""]
way to mark this news.
[Oct 8,2009 11:39am - brian_dc ""]
It's not really worth it.
[Oct 8,2009 12:56pm - Murph MAST  ""]

NLI said:Did this leak on a blog? PLEASE TELL ME I NEED TO KNOW

It leaked from my computer, accidently. Supposed to be in my discreet files, yet somehow made it to my "cat scat kiddie currywurst" folder I share with my German nightclub friends.

I really hope Dour Cursiva doesn't Twitter my full name in response to my technological shortcomings.
[Oct 8,2009 12:59pm - brian_dc ""]
I've hired 1000 male strippers who love to fuck and sent them to your house.

Someone's getting fucked.
[Oct 8,2009 5:47pm - cav nli  ""]

i was NOT stoned when i recorded this. haha. shit sounds awesome. i love ian and i love dour! always will be proud of the shit we recorded. especially those last few songs. i wish people could hear all of it but i guess they eventually will in one form or another ;)
[Oct 8,2009 10:21pm - Murph ""]
I completely forgot how fucking gorgeous you looked in that wig.

[Oct 8,2009 10:27pm - LPCustom  ""]
Did Shaun H leak this?
[Oct 8,2009 10:37pm - LPCustom  ""]
Rumor has it that brian_dc is going to write himself a letter because he will never be in this band anyway.
[Oct 8,2009 10:45pm - MarkFuckingRichards ""]
Damn, you sure know how to beat a joke into the ground that was never even funny anyway.
[Oct 8,2009 10:52pm - LPCustom  ""]
Why thank you kind sir.
[Oct 8,2009 10:55pm - MarkFuckingRichards ""]
Haha, I like that response. Carry on.
[Oct 8,2009 11:04pm - LPCustom  ""]
That's what I thought Mark Richards...


Know your place next time...
[Oct 9,2009 2:32am - HTR ""]
Did you guys ever play this live? Cause it sound pretty familiar.
[Oct 9,2009 8:14am - cav nli  ""]

HTR said:Did you guys ever play this live? Cause it sound pretty familiar.

yes, we played this live quite a bit. probably recorded it live on stress factor as well. dont really remember. hows everything going at HTR? the myspace and website are looking sweet!!

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