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Marduk, Nachtmystium, Mantic Ritual, Black Anvil, Merrimack - Fri Nov 20 @ Palladium

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[Oct 13,2009 10:33am - arktouros ""]
This will slay. I can't wait.
[Oct 13,2009 10:35am - arilliusbm ""]
That will slay, you're right.
[Oct 13,2009 10:35am - Yeti ""]
Nachtmystium does nothing for me, but it will be a cool live show. otherwise
[Oct 13,2009 10:37am - arktouros ""]

arilliusbm said:That will slay, you're right.

I know I'm right. This will slay. When I say something will slay, it will slay. What will it slay? We'll have to find out.
[Oct 13,2009 10:37am - arilliusbm ""]
Nachtmystium are great dudes to hang out with before and after the show. If you get my drift.
[Oct 13,2009 10:39am - boblovesmusic ""]
Really excited for Merrimack and Black Anvil.

Will probably hang out with the Mantic Ritual folk hehe
[Oct 13,2009 10:59am - goatcatalyst ""]
Marduk was fucking amazing in NYC a couple months back. Can't wait to see them play stuff off Wormwood. Anyone else digging that album? I like the Black Anvil CD but they didn't do anything for me when I saw them live. Be willing to give em another chance now that I'm more familiar with the CD. Merrimack - don't like the new CD nearly as much as "Of Entropy..." But I'm looking forward to seeing them. Haven't heard Mantic Ritual and I quite like Nachtmystium.
[Oct 13,2009 12:44pm - Yeti ""]
i need to hear more Merrimack, what i heard wasn't too thrilling.
[Oct 13,2009 12:52pm - goatcatalyst ""]
Check out "Of Entropy..." Very solid, though still a poor man's Watain.
[Oct 13,2009 12:56pm - DestroyYouAlot ""]
I hate that Autumn is always the season of A Thousand Rad Shows I Can't Afford To Go To.
[Oct 13,2009 1:56pm - quintessence ""]

arilliusbm said:Nachtmystium are great dudes to hang out with before and after the show. If you get my drift.

LOL i know all about that. THis show will kick ass!
[Oct 13,2009 2:52pm - MikeOv  ""]
Merrimack + Marduk = I'm there.
[Oct 13,2009 2:57pm - goatcatalyst ""]
I know a little soon-to-be-reactivated band from CT that would make a great opener ;)
[Oct 13,2009 2:59pm - arilliusbm ""]
I would like to see HAVE A NICE LIFE live.
[Oct 13,2009 3:02pm - MikeOv  ""]
[Oct 13,2009 4:22pm - goatcatalyst ""]
you arseholes
[Nov 17,2009 8:20am - arktouros ""]
Rollcall fuckers.
[Nov 17,2009 12:43pm - Yeti ""]
you bet your ass i'll be there. i have to stop by my house to pound some booze first. living 1/4 of a mile from the show ftw!
[Nov 17,2009 1:15pm - goatcatalyst ""]
A travesty that black metal heavyweights Have A Nice Life did not hear back from a certain corpulent promoter so that they might open this show.
[Nov 17,2009 1:16pm - aril  ""]
They better play earth mover
[Nov 17,2009 1:18pm - aril  ""]
.. Or whatever that song I called.
Might not be able to make this show. Oh well
[Nov 17,2009 1:36pm - goatcatalyst ""]
You going to this, Frank? We should get super shitty and throw things out the window with Blake.

Oh, wait.
[Nov 19,2009 9:11pm - demondave ""]
[Nov 19,2009 9:12pm - demondave ""]
[Nov 19,2009 9:16pm - demondave ""]
[Nov 20,2009 1:16am - goatcatalyst ""]
Tony, I think I'll be up there around 6 or so. We should get up. I'll have two friends with me. We'll bring some partytime excellent.
[Nov 20,2009 7:35am - Yeti ""]
yeah man, i'll be walking by the Palladium from the train to my house at about 7:20, pending the punctuality of the train. i'll PM you my cell #.
[Nov 20,2009 9:31am - arktouros ""]
I won't be able to make this, and I'm not thrilled about it.
[Nov 20,2009 11:04am - aril  ""]

arktouros said:I won't be able to make this, and I'm not thrilled about it.
[Nov 20,2009 11:09am - arktouros ""]
Sucks too, I am really digging Wormwood...
[Nov 20,2009 12:32pm - Boblovesmobile  ""]
I'll be there (duh)
[Nov 20,2009 12:43pm - Yeti ""]
also, Ryan, if you want to wait until i get into the city from work you can park at my house and save the money. i practically live next door.
[Nov 20,2009 2:19pm - KPanzer  ""]
Can anybody grab me a MERRIMACK medium shirt?
[Nov 20,2009 2:36pm - quintessence ""]

goatcatalyst said:You going to this, Frank? We should get super shitty and throw things out the window with Blake.

Oh, wait.

Im still considering it. Im really poor dude. I would love to party with you and Tony though. I need to check ticket prices and my bank account now...
[Nov 20,2009 2:48pm - demondave@work  ""]
I'm going to be there. I got up at 5am and have been at work all day. I am going by a friend's place in Somerville, amd I may crash there for a bit, so I am not too sure when I am going to show up. It has been a looong week. I would like to see Merrimack, but I don't want to go early if that means I'm nodding off in the corner during Marduk.
[Nov 20,2009 3:12pm - Pires ""]
Just drove by. Saw a huge bus with trailer attached and Scott Lee out front.
[Nov 20,2009 3:15pm - boblovesmusic@coolidge  ""]

KPanzer said:Can anybody grab me a MERRIMACK medium shirt?

I think I could do that for you sir! Pay me back on Sunday!
[Nov 20,2009 3:20pm - KPanzer  ""]
Absolutely! Cheers pal.
[Nov 20,2009 3:27pm - quintessence ""]
Ok I'm going for sure now. Hill drinking 40's oh yes!
[Nov 20,2009 3:44pm - KPanzer  ""]

quintessence said:Ok I'm going for sure now. Hill drinking 40's oh yes!
Watch out for the parking lot crackhead and his girlfriend.
[Nov 20,2009 3:50pm - goatcatalyst ""]
shitwolf mode
[Nov 20,2009 3:51pm - quintessence ""]
The shitwinds are strong tonight.
[Nov 20,2009 4:34pm - Abraham Steinberg  ""]
I'll be here. With my zionboys.
[Nov 20,2009 5:26pm - demondave@work  ""]
I started work over 10 hours ago. I can't wait to get out. I've wanted to see Marduk for years.
[Nov 20,2009 8:15pm - the_reverend ""]
I thought it was where I was, but merrimack was extremely quiet. they only played one song that wasn't a 10. I think it was the first real song. I was too rock-black metal sounding.
[Nov 20,2009 8:52pm - the_reverend ""]
wow... i knew black anvil wouldnt fit into this show (like nachtmystium if they play new stuff), nobody in the audience cared about them until they played the celtic frost cover at the end. black anvil > that goth band celtic frost who poayed the palladium a while ago.
[Nov 20,2009 9:02pm - BSV@work  ""]
any idea what time Nachtmystium/Marduk are set to appear?
[Nov 20,2009 9:20pm - the_reverend ""]
nachtmystium at 10:15.
marduk on at 11.
[Nov 20,2009 9:34pm - the_reverend ""]
i think mantic ritual came in with a little celtic frost. young kids playing thrash. cool though. sort of some nuclear assault and destruction tossed in.
[Nov 20,2009 10:39pm - the_reverend ""]
nachtmystium isnt playing any of their 70's rock stuff. all bm. long set too. their last song was a ggallin cover, i kill everything i fuck.
[Nov 21,2009 1:01am - the_reverend ""]
needed food so i slipped out when marduk played yet another new song. this was one or two songs after baptized by fire. from what i remember, they played one of panzer div, one of those of the unlight, and the rest werre off ROM 512. im sure they ended with burn my coffin. sounded really good but... legion! and for a minute, i thought that was inferno on drums.
[Nov 21,2009 1:51am - demondave ""]
I really got into Marduk. I totally needed a show and this was just right. It seemed like Marduk weren't sure if they were going over well with the crowd. People around me were enjoying them, but this is the second night of their tour, so maybe they aren't too sure of American crowds.

I really like Mortuus. I think I enjoy the last three albums more than their other stuff. Legion was a little monotone in their studio stuff, but apparently everyone loved him on stage.

Rev, you saw them with Legion singing before, right?
[Nov 21,2009 2:20am - the_reverend ""]
yeah, 2001. I think he's corpse paint looked like a cat.
[Nov 21,2009 2:22am - the_reverend ""]
legion... you are peter criss.
[Nov 21,2009 2:26am - the_reverend ""]
[Nov 21,2009 8:58am - quintessence ""]
Merrimack played first and everyone missed them including me. How lame.. Black Anvil was skipped by myself, Mantic Ritual was boring, Nachtmystium has grown into something I dont like that much anymore. GG Allen cover was cool though. Marduk was awesome! Me and my middle finger next to Jordan finally graced the front page of this fine website. Haha...
[Nov 21,2009 10:21am - boblovesmusic@coolidge  ""]
You are mistaken Frank. I saw Merrimack and was impressed by their performance! Nothing fancy, but they played some really solid black metal.

Kpanzer, I got your shirt for you! They had a bunch of different shirts, so I got you the latest one.
[Nov 21,2009 11:01am - the_reverend ""]
again, merrimack was the reason I went to the show. worth it.
[Nov 21,2009 11:34am - goatcatalyst ""]
Dirty braggarts, the lot of you.
[Nov 21,2009 2:41pm - Bryan (beelze)  ""]
killer fucking show, not too often we get to see bm like this around here, great pics Rev
[Nov 21,2009 2:54pm - quintessence ""]
Not wearing earplugs while standing next to Marduk's guitar player during the entire set was the dumbest thing ive done in a while.
[Nov 21,2009 3:12pm - i_am_not_me ""]
I really should've gone. Didn't because I'm a wuss and had class this morning.
[Nov 21,2009 3:50pm - goatcatalyst ""]
Mortuus is a fucking great frontman.
[Nov 21,2009 4:45pm - snowden ""]

the_reverend said:again, merrimack was the reason I went to the show. worth it.

Yeah, I was really stoked to see them but we just missed their set. I'm pretty bummed they played first instead of the totally out-of-place thrash band, but I guess it's also our fault for not realizing the Palladium would be so punctual. I thought Black Anvil were pretty good, at least Nachtmystium didn't play their proggy stuff even if they still went way too long, and Marduk was fucking intense live. Great show.
[Nov 21,2009 5:33pm - yummy ""]
I missed the first 2 bands. I wasnt impressed. I felt like i needed a black metal show and now i dont wanna hear it for a while. I\'d say the bands were spot on and all but i wasnt feelin it. Oh well.
[Nov 21,2009 6:12pm - the_reverend ""]
did marduk end with burn my coffin?
[Nov 21,2009 6:24pm - quintessence ""]
No they didn't play it! I was pissed.
[Nov 21,2009 10:44pm - demondave ""]
They ended with Throne of Rats. I'm surprised they didn't play Burn My Coffin
[Nov 21,2009 11:30pm - exhumed  ""]
They played "Burn My Coffin" in August, which was killer.
[Nov 23,2009 8:33am - Yeti ""]
this show was fucking awesome. Mortuus gave probably the best vocal performance i've ever seen, Legion who? i need more shows like this in my life. i only got to see Mantic Ritual and Nachtmystium, and both suck.
[Dec 7,2009 11:27pm - bryan  ""]
fuck legion he looked like a gorilla onstage

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