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2/6/10: Winds of Plague, Despised Icon, For Today, Stray From the Path, The World We Knew @ Rocko's

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[Dec 25,2009 10:44pm - mpc666 ""]
Didn't see this posted anywhere.


Winds of Plague
Despised Icon
For Today
Stray From the Path
The World We Knew

Rocko's - 253 Wilson St, Manchester, NH 03103
All Ages
Doors open at 4:30pm

Pretty big tour to be hitting Rocko's.
[Dec 25,2009 11:33pm - keynotecompany ""]
2/7 is an open date.
Tried getting in touch about doing a MA show, but no response.
Would have loved to do this tour.
Definitely should be a huge show.
[Dec 25,2009 11:38pm - Nostradamus  ""]
Conforza will be playing this show.
[Dec 26,2009 9:59am - goatcatalyst ""]
Oh, the Full Fag tour.
[Dec 26,2009 4:33pm - immortal13 ""]
Repost # 156451654

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