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Skype with King Diamond

[Mar 17,2010 4:57pm - dreadkill ""]
from blabbermouth:

KING DIAMOND/MERCYFUL FATE frontman King Diamond has posted the following message on his official web site, CovenWorldwide.org:

"Lately, there have been too many unfounded rumours and speculations regarding me and the band. There has even been various accusations of all kinds of things, most of which totally unfounded.

"When these attacks come about, it is simply not enough to write another long blog to explain everything.The latest attacks are way too big to cover in a blog and some people might think they got the answers they needed, others might sit with questions they felt were not answered.

"In order to try and prevent these unfortunate episodes, I suggest the following:

"I will set up a Skype account. Any of you can then add me as a contact and from time to time I will out of the blue call some of you up, so we can have a good talk (three or four of us at a time) in which you can ask me anything and I can try to answer, and you can immediately follow up with further questions.

"To put it simply, we will have some cool respectful conversations with each other.

"Whenever some of you and I have talked, you will have good inside info which you can relay to the others in the Coven [official forum] or to whoever.

It might be a good thing to be updated on the various subjects on the Coven, so that if I suddenly call any of you, you will know what kind of questions the others might have at the moment.

"This will not be on any kind of firm schedule, but will more likely be a thing that happens out of the blue, whenever time, mood, etc. is right. So don't hang around wasting your time for me to call, but rather, always make sure you are set to online status. I will always appear as offline, because this account will only be used for this.

"I think this might have a great effect on both you and I. We can get closer, and we can learn from each other and address all kinds of issues."

King Diamond's Skype contact information:

Name: King Diamond - Kim B. Petersen
Skype name: kingdiamond-kimbpetersen
Location: USA
[Mar 17,2010 5:02pm - reimroc ""]
skype king diamond and tell him that everything in this world would be better if it were him or you are a pussy.

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