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Finished my progressive solo album: Sounds for the Unsane

[Apr 9,2010 12:38pm - fleshfries ""]
Don't know if anyone here is gonna like it...but whatever...

http://mixcraftlive.com/members/262/audio.php to listen.
[Apr 9,2010 12:42pm - arilliusbm ""]
Progressive what? Rock, metal, car insurance?
[Apr 9,2010 12:42pm - FuckIsMySignature ""]
needs moar Flo
[Apr 9,2010 1:05pm - fleshfries ""]

arilliusbm said:Progressive what? Rock, metal, car insurance?

All 3 actually.
[Apr 9,2010 1:07pm - RichHorror ""]
[Apr 9,2010 1:14pm - arilliusbm ""]
I may check it out tonight when I'm on a non-work related computer.
[Apr 9,2010 2:14pm - Martins ""]
[Apr 9,2010 2:15pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]
The "Frostbitten" song has the melody line from Willie Wonka's "World of Imagination"

"To a world of imag-i-nat-ion"
[Apr 9,2010 2:25pm - Alx_Casket ""]
Nice exploration through various guitar sounds, you covered a wide gamut of melodic tones and the mixing/blending was enjoyable. I had no trouble getting through listening to all the songs. Not hard to tell that you put a lot of work into this, great job! Some of the songs left me wanting more, especially the shorter ones that felt like they could have been turned into more elaborate compositions.
[Apr 9,2010 2:39pm - the_reverend ""]
is this fleshfriestem? did you unleash the fucking fury?
[Apr 9,2010 2:41pm - the_reverend ""]

the_taste_of_cigarettes said:The "Frostbitten" song has the melody line from Willie Wonka's "World of Imagination"

"To a world of imag-i-nat-ion"

[Apr 9,2010 11:47pm - fleshfries ""]
Cmon guys, OBVIOUSLY my main inspiration was Willie Wonka...
[Apr 10,2010 12:18am - ArilliusBM ""]
this is really good man.
[Apr 10,2010 7:22am - fleshfries ""]
Thanks for listening!
[Apr 10,2010 10:25am - Arrowhead NLI NLI for real  ""]
Tried to listen to it last night, but my laptop doesn't do justice to what sounds like a killer album. I'll listen again later today once I boot up the main computer.
[Apr 10,2010 10:45am - arilliusbm ""]
it's great. Pretty nice if you've only been playing for 5 years.
Are you in a band or is this the only thing?
[Apr 10,2010 10:46am - Martins ""]
The production is great! I think some of the songwriting sounds a bit contrived and iterative but there's definitely some stuff on there I would listen to more than once.
[Apr 10,2010 12:13pm - fleshfries ""]

arilliusbm said:Are you in a band or is this the only thing?

Right now this is my only thing, I was playing with Dominatus for a few years but right now I'm just sitting on my ass :P

Martins, I definitely know what you mean...it's tough to make the riffs sound as interesting as they can without a real drummer haha.
[Apr 10,2010 12:25pm - sinistas ""]
This is fantastic stuff, man!
[Apr 10,2010 12:27pm - arilliusbm ""]
Nice man. I'd ask if you'd want to do lead guitar in my band based off this, but the styles are different. Was pretty impressed.
[Apr 10,2010 1:15pm - fleshfries ""]
Honestly, I'd kill to be playing in a band again, but I no longer have a car or the gear for it. I miss the shit out of playing shows haha.

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