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New Broken Cro$$ song!

[Apr 20,2010 7:13pm - BrokenA$$ ""]
We recently got an awesome new drummer (Jake) and decided we'd record one song before we finished up writing our next album. You can check out our new song Scenester faggot Elimination on http://www.myspace.com/brokencrossma If anyone is booking any shows we're definitely looking for some more, enjoy.
[Apr 20,2010 7:19pm - FuckIsMySignature ""]
fuck ya love what you guys did with it. and lol @ disturbed vox
[Apr 20,2010 7:46pm - rapeasauras rex  ""]
neeeddss mmmooooaaaaarrrrr rrraaaapppeeee..... rape.
[Apr 20,2010 9:20pm - BrokenA$$ ""]
Haha thanks Tom!
[Apr 21,2010 4:59pm - BrokenA$$ ""]
P.S. we're also looking for a new rhythm guitarist.
[Apr 21,2010 5:13pm - MillenialKingdom ""]
Haha, this is hilarious.

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