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Jackson Warrior WRXT - $200

[Jun 4,2010 5:46pm - fleshfries ""]
I'll post pics if anybody is interested. I replaced the stock Detonators with a couple GFS power rails. Thing rips and and the floyd stays in tune extremely well. Only asking $200.....lemmmme know. Trying to get rid of this asap.
[Jun 4,2010 5:46pm - fleshfries ""]
[Jun 4,2010 10:00pm - sir coughsalot  ""]
is it neck-thru?
[Jun 4,2010 10:52pm - ArrowHead Logged In .... Or NOT!  ""]
[Jun 4,2010 10:56pm - t2daeek ""]

sir%20coughsalot said:is it neck-thru?

not for 200 bucks...
200 is a very fair price. happy selling. hopefully you get rid of it quick
[Jun 5,2010 1:27am - bu0----=9  ""]
This guitar is nasty...I don't want to sell it but I'm broke.
[Jun 5,2010 3:18pm - fleshfries nli  ""]
[Jun 27,2010 12:55pm - fishcakes ""]
is this still for sale?
[Jul 7,2010 11:52am - fleshfries ""]
Yea this is still for sale, sorry for the late response. If anyone is interested email me at matt.orourke99@gmail.com
[Jul 7,2010 12:34pm - fleshfries ""]
I'll let it go for $175 to anybody here on the pit.
[Jul 8,2010 12:42pm - fleshfries ""]
$150 is as low as I'm going...I need money fast so if anybody wants this thing please take it, guarantee you won't find a deal this good anywhere else.
[Jul 8,2010 12:49pm - blue ""]
Wow, that's a fucking steal. And great pickups in it too.
[Jul 8,2010 1:02pm - fleshfries ""]
I'm honestly surprised that nobody has hopped on this yet, damn guitar was like 600 new.
[Jul 8,2010 1:11pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]
I've never needed a guitar that can do the things this one can (in terms of being geared strictly towards metal) or I'd swoop in. Cool axe.
[Jul 8,2010 1:28pm - fleshfries ""]
I wouldn't say it's geared strictly towards metal, but more so shred. I learned to sweep the floor on this axe haha.
[Jul 8,2010 2:24pm - largefreakatzero ""]
Where are you located? I'll take it for $150. I'm in NH.
[Jul 8,2010 2:37pm - largefreakatzero ""]
Email sent.
[Jul 8,2010 4:28pm - JDDomination ""]
sorry man, just bought this from him, before your post here, beat ya to it, pays to have his number, sorry dude.
[Jul 8,2010 4:32pm - largefreakatzero ""]
Haha, no worries, I don't need the guitar, I have 3 to choose from. I was just attracted to the rock-bottom-today-only-sale price.
[Jul 8,2010 4:35pm - FuckIsMySignature ""]
that was a good deal... if i had the extra dough i would have scooped it up
[Jul 8,2010 4:35pm - JDDomination ""]
yeah believe me, I was too, matt lives 2 towns over from me so that helps, if I turn around and sell it for whatever reason, I'll let you know.

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