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bing is fucking stupid

[Jun 10,2010 9:36pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]
just google with different graphics. what makes it stupid is how it claims to do something different, but it does the exact same thing. wtf.
[Jun 10,2010 9:38pm - sinistas ""]
What did you expect out of a search engine?
[Jun 10,2010 9:40pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]
I expected what it says it will do on the commercials.

Whatever, I never had a problem with Google, but Microsoft is suggesting that I should, that Google gives too many bullshit results. But I just did a test, and Bing gives essentially the same thing.

dumb waste of advertising dollars.
[Jun 10,2010 9:57pm - xmikex ""]
search engines haven't really been a problem since Google and Yahoo revamped theirs. The days of pulling your pubes out over pointless Lycos and Hotbot searches is a distant memory. Once again Microsoft provides the answer to the question nobody asked.
[Jun 10,2010 10:02pm - sxealex ""]
waste and advertising go hand and hand...
[Jun 10,2010 10:18pm - RustyPS ""]

sinistas said:What did you expect out of a search engine?
[Jun 10,2010 10:42pm - demondave ""]
There were these stupid radio advertisements with this pushy mock sopranos bozo saying "bing" over and over again like an Italian tough guy. God those ads sucked.
[Jun 10,2010 11:13pm - MarkFuckingRichards ""]
Altavista or GTFO
[Jun 10,2010 11:23pm - Lamp ""]
You know what's cool? Shitting Googles out your ass until you fuck.
[Jun 10,2010 11:27pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]

Lamp said:You know what's cool? Shitting Googles out your ass until you fuck.

[Jun 10,2010 11:30pm - Lamp ""]
It sucks so much fuck, it sucks. It fucks so much suck, it fucks.

Either way, many turds are directed from anuses into mouths in some sort of weird backwards way involving the fallopian tube and a straw. I can't do shit right now because I am full of AIDS riddled fuck.
[Jun 11,2010 12:28am - DRunkisMysignahturrd  ""]
fuck your gogglses only with chandler bings faggot dicks
[Jun 11,2010 12:29am - zenerik nli  ""]
[Jun 11,2010 12:44am - Alx_Casket ""]
I use google maps primarily but bing has great aerial view images.
[Jun 11,2010 1:01am - the_reverend ""]
Cause bing bought terra serve.
Bing cash back ruled, but after 2 years of doing bcd, they are still the #3 search engine and they are stopping it.
[Jun 11,2010 6:02am - sinistas ""]
My girlfriend uses Club Bing to play games, and so far we've gotten a portable DVD player, portable hard drive, and a GPS out of it. Not too shabby.
[Jun 11,2010 8:47am - real american genius  ""]
Only bing crosby is real, faggots
[Jun 11,2010 8:50am - ShadowSD ""]
Funny you just posted that, I actually thought this thread was about Bing Crosby until I clicked on it...
[Jun 11,2010 1:49pm - Spaldino  ""]
i miss dogpile
[Jun 12,2010 5:32am - Randy_Marsh ""]
its true what alex said. Bing does offer better aerial view and seems to be quicker equipped with other slightly pointless gadgets to toy with. I haven't actually ever used Bing but someone showed the maps to me.
[Jun 12,2010 6:34am - BrokenA$$ ""]
Ask Jeeves prefers the term jovial.

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