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So if you like free pr0n...

[Jul 12,2010 3:00am - bradmann ""]
...talk to me.

i recently got a job as a transcription writer closed-captioning porn movies for a production company. subsequently, i have shitloads of full-length movies and scenes that are just sitting in my recycle bin. if you want some sweet .ZIPs all up in your emailz, get at a white brother.

[Jul 12,2010 4:04am - Samantha ""]
That is the most awesome job ever! I can type 70 wpm. Where do I sign up?
[Jul 12,2010 4:13am - bradmann ""]
[Jul 12,2010 6:26am - Samantha ""]
Damn it. I knew there was a catch. LOL!

In any case, that job must be pretty freakin' hilarious. The dialogue must be quite entertaining.

[Jul 12,2010 9:04am - arilliusbm ""]
I'll take everything you have and a giant football helmet with cottage cheese plz.
[Jul 12,2010 10:13am - menstrual_sweatpants_disco ""]

arilliusbm said:I'll take everything you have and a giant football helmet with cottage cheese plz.

I know you guys think I'm a real dick cheese...... burger.
[Jul 12,2010 10:14am - the_reverend ""]
bloopers puleez.
[Jul 16,2010 5:22pm - bradmann ""]

arilliusbm said:I'll take everything you have and a giant football helmet with cottage cheese plz.

gimme your email and i'll sendspace it up for ya

the_reverend said:bloopers puleez.

i haven't run into too many, but i will def poast when i do.
[Jul 16,2010 6:07pm - BlackoutRick ""]
You've got mail and what Aril said. Please. Thanks.
[Jul 16,2010 8:50pm - dertoxia ""]
...but i poop from there
[Jul 16,2010 8:52pm - Doomkid nli  ""]
So is there a standard list of words to interpret sex noises with or do you just go with your gut? Or non-fap hand?
[Jul 16,2010 8:56pm - dertoxia ""]
lol thats a really interesting question lol. I guess i've never watched porn with captions on. I can just picture seeing a screen full of "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh yeahhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *moan* *grunt* *moan*"
[Jul 17,2010 8:53am - ddrummernli  ""]
i will take everthing you have as well
[Jul 17,2010 10:15am - jonahh  ""]
You are the man so hard
[Jul 18,2010 11:48pm - Alx_Casket ""]
[Jul 18,2010 11:59pm - Lamp ""]
ITT: Porn gets just a tad seedier
[Jul 19,2010 1:12am - bradmann ""]
i only put phonetic spellings for foreign films, the rest of the time it's just (MOANING), (SLURPING), etc.

ultimatezipping the shit outta my work folder right now. expect emails with sendspace links later.
[Jul 19,2010 1:24am - the_reverend ""]

Alx_Casket said:[img]
love bananas. not so much for cantelopes.
[Jul 19,2010 1:55am - Conservationist ""]

bradmann said:the rest of the time it's just (MOANING), (SLURPING), etc.

Fucking hilarious.
[Jul 19,2010 5:31am - douchebag_patrol ""]
[Jul 19,2010 8:32am - bradmannmannmannmannmann  ""]
just finished working...and also realized sendspace has a 300 mb limit on uploads so i'll have to remake the zips after i sleep. anyone have a better idea for sending/providing this shit?
[Feb 5,2011 7:26pm - bradmann ""]
Alright, made a dropbox. if you want the loginz hit me up. there's a 2GB limit and I will be reupping each week so when whatever's there is gone, it's gone.

i also have 14GB left to upload so the next month or two will be rabid fap.
[Feb 5,2011 9:12pm - dude....  ""]
what is the public folder username?
[Feb 5,2011 9:31pm - bobnomaamrooney ""]
Do you have any videos with fat chicks?
[Feb 6,2011 8:04am - menstrual_sweatpants_disco ""]
Any underage girls?
[Feb 6,2011 11:43am - DestroyYouAlot ""]
um yes plz
[Feb 6,2011 11:44am - DestroyYouAlot ""]

menstrual_sweatpants_disco said:Any underage girls?

DestroyYouAlot said:um yes plz

haha, oops
[Feb 6,2011 12:56pm - sxealex ""]
googlez gonna getcha

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