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ATTN: People who know shit about record players

[Jul 28,2010 3:25pm - MarkFuckingRichards ""]
I'm finally going to buy a record player since I've accumulated a hefty stack of vinyl people have given me over the years, but I don't know shit about this stuff. It would be nice to have a USB turntable, but I'm not hellbent on the USB aspect. People of RTTP, what should I buy?
[Jul 28,2010 3:29pm - Lamp ""]
I just went into a thrift store and got something dirt cheap... my junior year of high school I bought an entire setup for only $12 and it's a piece of shit, but still works to this day.
[Jul 28,2010 3:30pm - brian_dc ""]
USB turntables are kind of a waste of money. I don't really know of too many people who use the USB element of them. And generally the USB ones aren't great players.

I speak from experience. I totally regret not getting a solid player and getting the useless USB thing instead.

But then you have to invest in a good amp and what not. So, you have to decide how snobby you want to be, really.
[Jul 28,2010 3:31pm - arilliusbm ""]
They have a laser turntable for 10k.
[Jul 28,2010 3:32pm - MarkFuckingRichards ""]
I'd like to be pretty snobby since for once in my life I can afford to be. Any suggestions, Brian?
[Jul 28,2010 3:35pm - arilliusbm ""]

I lied. Old model on sale for $7500. Sale ends sat
[Jul 28,2010 3:37pm - brian_dc ""]
I don't really have any positive info, Mark. Just the little bit of negative experience with a USB one. I'm not posi enough to help :(
[Jul 28,2010 3:38pm - ouchdrummer ""]
I know shit about record players. what don't you need to know? *knee slaps*
[Jul 28,2010 3:41pm - MarkFuckingRichards ""]

It's cool, Brian. Thanks for letting me know that the USB models are junk though.
[Jul 28,2010 3:44pm - arilliusbm ""]
Mark and Brian, I've heard okay things about the USB ones. I'm in the same boat mark; might be getting a new one. I like the USB feature though.. I want to rip a few rare vinyls.

I'd check eBay stores, mark. Only if you can't afford the laser one.
[Jul 28,2010 3:48pm - reimroc ""]
Why is that laser player so fucking expensive?
[Jul 28,2010 3:50pm - arilliusbm ""]
I believe it's the only company that makes it. It was invented by a Japanese guy.. I remember reading about it in some sort of science magazine a few years back.
Thing is supposed to work like magic.
[Jul 28,2010 3:52pm - brian_dc ""]
My USB one is certainly reliable. But I don't really feel like I'm getting the best sound quality out of it.
[Jul 28,2010 3:54pm - arilliusbm ""]
Do they make "better" quality USB ones? Th moat expensive one I've seen at stores was like $150
[Jul 28,2010 3:54pm - the_reverend ""]
spend $300 and get a technic 1200 mk2
[Jul 28,2010 3:56pm - MarkFuckingRichards ""]
I've seen other devices to place between a turntable and computer to rip songs easier and also get better sound quality as well as control. I may take that route.

Rev, what can you tell me about the Technic 1200 mk2 since I'm too lazy to research on my phone?
[Jul 28,2010 3:57pm - the_reverend ""]
they are the best turntables around.
[Jul 28,2010 3:57pm - MarkFuckingRichards ""]
Well I'm sold.
[Jul 28,2010 3:59pm - the_reverend ""]
oh man... they are really expensive now. $689 it looks like. i remember getting 2 of them for that price.
[Jul 28,2010 4:03pm - arilliusbm ""]
Only the $10k laser turntable is real.
[Jul 28,2010 4:04pm - the_reverend ""]
technic 1200 MK5 or MK6's are the "newer" ones those I prefer the technic 1200 MK2. all around the same price. They are direct drive instead of belt driven. I still don't like belt driven. direct drive are so much better.
[Jul 28,2010 5:06pm - bradness so totally at work  ""]

the_reverend said:technic 1200 MK5 or MK6's are the "newer" ones those I prefer the technic 1200 MK2. all around the same price. They are direct drive instead of belt driven. I still don't like belt driven. direct drive are so much better.

for once, you make sense. Belt drive sucks as do USB turntables. Get a direct drive and then get a go between thing. It'll go from RCA(red and white) to USB
[Jul 28,2010 5:09pm - Kevord ""]
After you get a turntable you have to get a stereo receiver. I have a Harman/ Kardon HK 3490 that's only for my records. Only Stereo Sound Is Real.
[Jul 28,2010 5:15pm - Archaeon ""]
I have my dads record player from the 70's set up in my room. Mark, welfare records has a big old used electronics section with record players, power amps etc. might be a good place to hit up.
[Jul 28,2010 5:26pm - the_reverend ""]
oh and you need a pre-amp. don't forget the pre amp. you can also some times get a stereo receiver with a pre-amp in it.
[Jul 28,2010 5:55pm - Lamp ""]

arilliusbm said:I want to rip a few rare records.
[Jul 28,2010 6:00pm - Slag ""]
Tube pre-amp or suck a circuit.
[Jul 28,2010 6:05pm - MarkFuckingRichards ""]
Thank you all for the info/advice. This is going to be a project, haha.
[Jul 28,2010 6:08pm - arilliusbm ""]

Slag said:Tube pre-amp or suck a circuit.

[Jul 28,2010 6:14pm - dertoxia ""]
You should get one of those all in one turntable/cassete/cd/radio things in the fancy looking wooden case. They sell them at bed bath and beyond so you know theyre good. Plus i think theyre made in Germany, you know the Germans make good stuff.
[Jul 28,2010 6:28pm - arilliusbm ""]
Where's the beyond section?
[Jul 28,2010 6:37pm - Slag ""]

arilliusbm said:
Slag said:Tube pre-amp or suck a circuit.


hahahahaha. There is not much better than a 1970's pioneer or marantz reciever with a tube in it.
[Jul 28,2010 6:47pm - My_Dying_Bride ""]

this site has great deals, and a lot of them! You should look into the Pro-Ject Audio Debut series... round $300-400 but sound better than any top of the line of the mainstream brands. This company has impeccable reviews. I recommend getting a decent one if you care about the life of your records, especially if they're collectibles. Or you can pic up a used one with a familiar brand name, and as long as you can switch cartridges, (the needle part) you can get a good sound and not harm your petroleum. That needle doctor has a ton of them too. Reading reviews from audiophile sites are a good idea as well. Hope this helps.
[Jul 28,2010 10:11pm - unholy_dave ""]
the best bang for your buck in terms of getting good sound quality without spending a fortune, is to get a middle-of-the-road turntable ($200-$400) and a top of the line cartridge ($100+). the cartridge is the most important part of a turntable, by far.
i agree with rev and others, direct drive is better than belt drive...although i have a mid-grade belt drive technics that my old man bought in 1985, and it's still kickin with no problems, and no noticeable belt noise or speed variation.
i have a stanton rs500DJ cartridge and stylus on it...which though not great, was available at radio shack...and even that sad setup sounds better to my ears than a cd.
good luck and have fun dude.
[Jul 28,2010 10:45pm - the_reverend ""]
I fully back neeedle doctor

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