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Nov 21 (Sun) - BLIND GUARDIAN, Holy Grail, Seven Kingdoms - the Palladium (Worcester, MA)

BLIND GUARDIAN, Holy Grail, Seven Kingdoms-SUNDAY Nov. 21-Worcester Palladium(Also touring North America)

the Palladium (Worcester, MA) - [blind_guardian][holy_grail][seventh_kingdom]
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[Sep 8,2010 9:56am - Pires ""]
Triumphantly returning to North American shores in support of the Billboard-charting new album At The Edge Of Time, we are pleased to announce the western hemisphere’s portion of the Sacred Worlds And Songs Divine 2010 World Tour, commencing on November 19th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and concluding on December 22nd in West Springfield, Virginia. Support acts are California’s Holy Grail and Florida’s Seven Kingdoms.

Hansi checks in from the secret Blind Guardian bunker about the upcoming trek:

“Christmas will be a little earlier this year, ‘cause The Guardian is coming to town in November and December! The band is really excited to announce this upcoming tour. Finally, we will get the chance to preach our Sacred Words and play our Songs Divine somewhere near your neighborhood. We have prepared a nice package of music and bands for our Northern American followers. Our friends from Holy Grail and Seven Kingdoms will join us on this glorious mission and will have their part in these magical nights to come. Both bands are underground now, but I can feel that the future is theirs. They really carry the spirit of a new American Power Metal generation. Touring the U.S. and Canada does always means a tremendous amount of fun, so we are really anxious to see if the people in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Albuquerque – where we have not played before – can scream as loud as their brothers and sisters in New York, Quebec, Toronto, or Hollywood. We’ll soon find out when we meet you at the edge of time.

“Of course, we have to arrange some time in between playing and traveling for some Christmas gift shopping. I am sure I will find plenty of cool Star Wars action figures and I am already aware of some great Christmas shops near Washington where I will be able to get some great atypical Christmas tree ornaments. Strange worlds we are living in: The funniest ones sometimes have been produced in Germany, where you can’t get them in stores, so the U.S./Canada trip definitely pays off.

“As for books: Last time we ended up in Portland for a day, and whether I’ll make it to Powell’s (City of) Books, you never know. :-) All in all, I have far too many books which I have not yet read, but I am constantly working on it. Since I am getting older and the saying is: “The older you get, the less sleep you need,” I am very optimistic I will manage to read them all when the nights are getting shorter.”

Official Blind Guardian Site
[Sep 8,2010 9:57am - arilliusbm ""]
Awesome. Bring you bibles!
[Sep 8,2010 9:58am - boblovesmusic ""]
Well it's about time!
[Sep 8,2010 10:00am - arilliusbm ""]
I can't wait praise Jebus and Aragorn at the same time!!!
[Sep 8,2010 10:05am - arilliusbm ""]
Going to this. Making a big sign:
"Hansi, only Sauron and/or Satan are real. Wake the fuck up"
[Sep 8,2010 12:45pm - i_am_not_me ""]
Why does it have to be a fucking Sunday?
[Sep 8,2010 1:05pm - arilliusbm ""]
Surprised me too. I figured they'd be at church.

[Sep 19,2010 11:37am - ArrowHeadNLI ""]
New album is good. Just picked up tickets for this.

P.S. - tis awesome it's on a Sunday. I never get Fridays or Saturdays off anymore, so for once I can get to a show like this.
[Sep 19,2010 11:55am - the_reverend ""]
[Nov 17,2010 10:35pm - Pires ""]
This fucking Sunday!!!!

Best birthday in a long time(even though it's tomorrow). But still, I'll be celebrating it at BG!
[Nov 17,2010 10:57pm - the_reverend ""]
I will prob be there.
[Nov 21,2010 2:25am - Pires ""]

Spoiler alert:

Setlist from Philly Friday night:

Sacred Worlds
Welcome to Dying
Born in a Mourning Hall
Time Stands Still (at the Iron Hill)
Traveler In Time
This Will Never End
A Voice in the Dark
Lord of the Rings
Imaginations From the Other Side
Wheel of Time
The Bard's Song - In the Forest
Mirror Mirror
[Nov 21,2010 3:20am - truequintessence  ""]
haha i think ill go to this with a cape on.
[Nov 21,2010 12:10pm - ArrowHeadNLI ""]
So Excited. This will be my first time seeing Blind Guardian.

Pires, luckily they keep switching up the set, because I will be very disappointed if that's tonight's set. They've also been playing 'and the story ends'. and 'another holy war' which are two of my favorites.
[Nov 21,2010 12:20pm - AndrewBastard  ""]
90% going
[Nov 21,2010 12:35pm - goatcatalyst ""]
I have to return some video tapes
[Nov 21,2010 1:05pm - the_reverend ""]

AndrewBastard said:90% going
[Nov 21,2010 1:07pm - MillenialKingdom ""]
Wish I was going although I do not have a vehicle at the moment.
[Nov 21,2010 1:11pm - the_reverend ""]
Think is my last show until next Sunday!
[Nov 21,2010 1:25pm - Pires ""]

ArrowHeadNLI said:So Excited. This will be my first time seeing Blind Guardian.

Pires, luckily they keep switching up the set, because I will be very disappointed if that's tonight's set. They've also been playing 'and the story ends'. and 'another holy war' which are two of my favorites.

Set list looks identical going back to Oct. according to setlist.fm. With no mention of either of those two songs. Hopefully, they play them, because I would like to see them too. But it doesn't look like it'll happen. Who knows though? Either way....fucking stoked for this show.
[Nov 21,2010 1:30pm - Pires ""]
Oh and the opening bands SUCK...


[Nov 21,2010 1:32pm - the_reverend ""]
holy Grail are OK.
[Nov 21,2010 1:52pm - BSV  ""]
meet me at the bar
[Nov 21,2010 1:58pm - nekronautnli  ""]
Avenged Sevenfold and Holy Grail are the same band


[Nov 21,2010 5:27pm - the_reverend ""]
OK... leaving in 40 minutes.
[Nov 21,2010 7:09pm - late_rising ""]
TO ANYONE GOING TO THIS SHOW: I should *probably* have an extra free ticket or two for this, but I would have to hand it to you at the door when I get it from the will-call window. I'm heading out there in a few minutes, should be at the Palladium around 8:30 or so. If you want to try and get my free tix, post here SOON so we can make a plan to meet up.
[Nov 21,2010 8:14pm - the_reverend ""]
Seveth kingdom: 8-8:30
Unnholy grail: 8:45-9:25
Blind guardian: 9:45-11:30
[Nov 21,2010 8:20pm - the_reverend ""]
Seventh kingdom are OK. The girl Singer with some spunk to ghllher performance on stage is better than a stiff/operatic Singer in some ridiculous dress that doesn't allow her to her around the stage at all. I can see why they were matched to this tour. The music has some vaguely blind guardian type themes/music. It sounds a lot like what napalm records has been putting a lot of lately.
[Nov 21,2010 8:39pm - late_rising ""]
wow, there's a first time for everything - I am going to miss this show because, just as my friend and I were about to get in the car and drive to Worcester, some asshole shot 3 people in the pizza place across the street from where I was parked. Within minutes cops were everywhere and had police tape blocking everything, including the driveway we were sitting in our car in. They told us they would let us leave in "a few minutes" but after an hour (and being interviewed twice by cops) they told us it would be another 45 minutes - now there's no way we can get there in time for BG and have to scrap our plans. Sure glad we didn't pay for the tix!

not-so-cool-story, bro : (
[Nov 21,2010 8:44pm - the_reverend ""]
Haha that is if the people who were shot sucked.
[Nov 21,2010 9:35pm - the_reverend ""]
The set list is different tonight. After time stands still, they play lost and brighteyes then lotr.
[Nov 21,2010 9:36pm - the_reverend ""]
and thy don't play majesty inth encore.
[Nov 21,2010 10:18pm - the_reverend ""]
finger bang in the house
[Nov 21,2010 11:53pm - Boine nli  ""]
Great show awesome to see majesty live
[Nov 22,2010 1:15am - Pires ""]

Boine%20nli said:Great show awesome to see majesty live

I chanted that for so long. Glad they played it too and it wasn't on the set list. It made it that much better. Rev, the finger bang offer is still on the table.
[Nov 22,2010 1:21am - the_reverend ""]
pictures.. minus all the finger banging.
[Nov 22,2010 1:25am - goatcatalyst ""]
DFTG was there. I told him to find you and call you the N-word
[Nov 22,2010 1:28am - BSV  ""]
seventh kingdom - the songs weren't terrible but the band overall is so boring and uninspiring to watch live. the singer has solid Doro pitch with a Lita frame but her band is such a dismal after thought, it's humilating.

holy grail - they were alright. it was a welcome sight to see some energy on the stage but overall the songs lacked any memorable quality worth remebering. it was pretty snotty that they faced their amps the way they did. west coast bands always have a tendency to be pompous and akward, so i guess it works. but yeah, guess i should listen to the album cause the entire set is a wash.

blind guardian - pretty solid setlist. really great sound hence it sounded just like the goddamn album. very cool being admist a crowd with that much energy, a definative experience nonetheless. most righteous and worth 26 dollars. overall probably the most WHOLESOME audience I've ever been apart of.

but yeah. wholesome. fucking christ. i went to a power metal concert. so many social atrocities there. not enough drunks, stoners, or even people who induldge in tobacco. how could this happen? an entire genre of degenerates singing songs about war but are too chichkenshit to get an FID. Too green to pregame and too shallow to know what jack daniels tastes like. A remarkable experience that everyone should partake in.
[Nov 22,2010 7:43am - arktouros ""]
haha, how could this happen???
so they didn't just play 80 songs of the new album, fuck i wish i coulda made it.
[Nov 22,2010 9:54am - BrianDBB ""]
This was PERFECT, sound was suprisingly good standing at the bar in the back. Showed up just in time to see just Guardian
[Nov 22,2010 9:18pm - titd nli  ""]
haha didnt go to the show but fully enjoyed josh's review.
[Nov 23,2010 12:21am - the_reverend ""]
I just left wunh and heard someone talking about this show on their cell... weird. After midnight on unh compus
[Nov 23,2010 1:59am - WarriorOfMetal ""]

BSV said:it was pretty snotty that they faced their amps the way they did. west coast bands always have a tendency to be pompous and akward, so i guess it works.

You don't know much about live sound, do you? For a good mix, especially in a large room like that, it helps to not have the amps pointed toward the audience. Your typical guitar speaker cabinet is extremely directional, so the people in its line of fire will be blasted by it, and the people off to the side will barely hear it. Having the amps on the sides of the stage, faced across the stage helps solve this problem (allowing the sound guy to make a mix that's more consistent throughout the room), and at the same time, makes it easier for the band members to hear each other.

Interesting how you didn't comment on the fact that Blind Guardian had their amps not just off to the sides, but actually in the wings and facing completely away from the audience.

This was definitely one of the two best-sounding shows I've ever seen at the Palladium (the other being Iced Earth in October '08), and Holy Grail easily had the best sound I've ever heard for an opening band there...and I wouldn't doubt for a second that the amp placement was at least partially responsible for that.
[Nov 23,2010 2:00am - Pires ""]
the sound on the floor sucked for holy grail. it was too low. i blame the show upstairs because during Guardian, there was no problems.
[Nov 23,2010 2:11am - WarriorOfMetal ""]

Pires said:the sound on the floor sucked for holy grail. it was too low. i blame the show upstairs because during Guardian, there was no problems.

I thought the lower volume lent itself to overall greater clarity....something that 95% of Palladium shows I go to are greatly lacking.
[Nov 23,2010 2:56am - BSV  ""]
Ari, if you ever insult me again like that I will punch you in the face.
[Nov 23,2010 7:50am - XGodzillaX NLI  ""]
I know this spot where things can be settled....

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