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CT black metal Autolatry posts New Track and Album Update

[Oct 28,2010 7:35pm - YildunDave ""]

'Guilty By Existence', the opening track from Autolatry's forthcoming CD entitled 'The Hill' has been posted on myspace. We are self-releasing the record mid-December and are currently booking two weeks worth of shows. We are pressing a limited number of digipacks that will be sold exclusively through us. Album artwork done by the great Jake Kobrin, and the record was engineered and mixed by YildunDave.

For anyone in New England who books bands, we will play anywhere and any date between December 19 - January 2! Also if anyone has any tips on who to contact directly for booking it would be immensely helpful!

Contact: autolatryblackmetal@gmail.com


1. Guilty By Existence
2. The Hill
3. A Martyr
4. Beheading
5. Cold Wind
6. So They Don't Mourn
7. A Return To Wormwood
8. Awaken
9. Resurrection of the Midnight Sun
[Oct 29,2010 10:18am - regurgitatedloginname  ""]
sick shit
[Oct 30,2010 11:15am - paistedw762 ""]
Can't get enough of the song on the myspace page
[Oct 31,2010 6:45pm - ExhumedCarcassnli  ""]
Yep... It's how we troll...
[Oct 31,2010 6:51pm - goatcatabisk  ""]
Dec 19 - Jan 2 ... world fuckin tour, brah!
[Oct 31,2010 7:10pm - YildunDave ""]
Yeah, its not a large window for shows but its the only time in the foreseeable future that I'll be back home from the west coast.

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