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ATTN: Scaphism

[Dec 6,2010 3:49pm - bradmann ""]
I finally looked up the meaning of your band name. SO GNARLY.

I like it.
[Dec 6,2010 3:52pm - FuckIsMySignature ""]
haha thanks dood. you check out the split yet?
[Dec 6,2010 4:35pm - timma ""]
"He pauses, waits, and smiles--then shoves that chainsaw up your ass" is probably my one of my favorite lines ever.
[Dec 6,2010 5:37pm - Alexecutioner ""]
"this next song, is about being force fed milk and honey until you shit yourself to death"
[Dec 6,2010 6:52pm - bradmann ""]

FuckIsMySignature said:haha thanks dood. you check out the split yet?

yeah i checked up on shady jamez when i was back in town last week and he played me the whole thing...i dug it HARD. keep it up yalls
[Dec 6,2010 7:06pm - anonymous  ""]
This next song is about retardedly hot girls with ugly guys.
[Dec 6,2010 11:12pm - SpookySean ""]
He sticks his dick in your guts.
Yeah, I liked the split a lot too.
Let's get silly.
[Dec 7,2010 7:36am - Yeti ""]
after the chili and pastrami i ate last night i think i have ass-scaphism.
[Dec 7,2010 7:42am - RustyPS ""]
when you release a full length, call it "The Boats"
[Dec 7,2010 7:51am - Yeti ""]
The Scrotes

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