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Computer Piracy

[Apr 30,2011 11:34am - demondave ""]

The embed function is not working (sigh)

[Apr 30,2011 11:38am - DrewBlood ""]

[Apr 30,2011 11:50am - bobnomaamrooney ""]
oldest news, repost
[Apr 30,2011 11:54am - demondave ""]

bobnomaamrooney said:oldest news, repost

hmmmm I hear the stance of your political party but I raise you:

[Apr 30,2011 12:43pm - TheRidersofDoom ""]

DrewBlood said:

Lol, music, art, film, and gaming have advanced far more due to stealing. This video tried to say that the age of computers would end due to copying but last time I checked it just ended the monopoly. Now anyone can be heard or seen online.
[Apr 30,2011 5:07pm - i_am_not_me ""]
That Floppy

I copied it. :ralphie:
[Apr 30,2011 5:15pm - bobnomaamrooney ""]
Fill that floppy with X-Com hex editors, be unable to use it 14 years later

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