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ATTN: Anyone who books shows/is booking for August - AUTOLATRY needs you!

[Aug 1,2011 4:12pm - yildundave ""]
For anyone who books shows or is putting on a show in August:

Autolatry is playing two, possibly three shows this August - they are:

8/6 - @Club Oasis - Worcester, MA w/Totality, Demoralizer, Scourge
8/18 - @PA's Lounge - Somerville, MA w/Weregild, Infera Bruo, Dark Passenger

and maybe 8/26 - Palladium upstairs

We are looking for any opportunities around these dates in August. I have to fly back and forth to New England from Florida (where I currently live) just to play shows, so we're trying to make as many appearances as possible while I am back. If there is a bill we could slide on to open up or any space on an event at all, we will take anything within a semi-drivable distance that is around the above dates.

You can contact me personally at 860-230-1176
Or you can email at: autolatryblackmetal@gmail.com

If you want to stream our album in full, go here:

Thanks everybody!
[Aug 1,2011 8:51pm - swinesack ""]
somebody book these dudes, they's ill.
[Aug 1,2011 9:57pm - dyingmuse ""]
They are definitely Ill, I'll second that. Especially for their ages, pretty rocking BM. \m/
[Aug 1,2011 10:00pm - goatcatalyst ""]
How many members of your band have kissed the goat 'neath the tail?
[Aug 1,2011 11:08pm - Analnymous  ""]
None of us have kissed the goat 'neath the tail. We don't believe in gods. Sorry to disappoint.

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