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B from Lifelover has died

[Sep 12,2011 10:49am - dreadkill ""]
[Sep 12,2011 11:04am - Blessed_Offal ""]
in before something like...

I guess he didn't.............
::puts glasses on::

love his life................
[Sep 12,2011 11:24am - Alx_Casket ""]
old news. "drugs weren't involved, he just died in his sleep." -biggest BS ever
[Sep 12,2011 11:34am - DestroyYouAlot ""]
My ultra-limited Feelings Hurter 8-track that I made just shot up in value.
[Sep 12,2011 12:40pm - AndrewBastard ""]
[Sep 12,2011 12:47pm - Yeti ""]
i remember being told by this hipster douche a few years ago that Lifelover was some of "the sickest bwack metal i've ever heard. you'd love it". i did not.
[Sep 12,2011 1:07pm - MikeOfDecrepitude ""]
Sucks, Lifelover rules.
[Sep 12,2011 6:35pm - kevinthesprigg ""]
That blows. Lifelover did indeed rule. Dimhymn was great too.
[Sep 12,2011 6:38pm - bloblovesmusic  ""]
I'm bummed about this too, was hoping to see them live at some point.
[Sep 12,2011 7:19pm - goatcatalyst ""]
F-word B-word.
[Sep 12,2011 8:20pm - Randy_Marsh ""]

Blessed_Offal said:in before something like...

I guess he didn't.............
::puts glasses on::

love his life................

[Sep 12,2011 8:29pm - Alx_Casket ""]

bloblovesmusic said:I'm bummed about this too, was hoping to see them live at some point.

This isn't the first death in the band, and I'm sure it won't be the last. They'll keep playing. Nowadays they attract the European gf metal crowd all over, and their music has gotten a bit less inspiring. I only liked 1 track off the newest album.
[Sep 12,2011 8:37pm - goatcatalyst ""]
Erotik was my jam.
[Sep 12,2011 11:50pm - frankovhell  ""]
Hypohermia was better. Farewell.
[Sep 13,2011 12:28am - bobnomaamrooney ""]
Yeah Lifelover sucked but I liked Dimhymn a great deal.
[Sep 13,2011 12:46am - Alx_Casket ""]
Hypothermia live = [img]
[Sep 13,2011 1:15am - frankovhell  ""]
Not a live band lol. Take downers to them at home. I liked Lifelovers early albums and Dimmhymn was pretty goood.
[Sep 13,2011 8:23am - AndrewBastard ""]
I didnt think they did live shows?

I love Erotik...never heard Dimhymn but will have to check it out now.
[Sep 13,2011 8:25am - arilliusbm ""]
my feelings are hurter
[Sep 13,2011 9:43am - goatcatalyst ""]
Old Nigga D, who now dwells in Amsterfuck tells me that Lifelover and IXXI played a show in Rotterdam on 9/11 that he foolishly skipped. Must have been some show.
[Sep 16,2011 2:48pm - Alx_Casket ""]
Looks like I'm eating my hat on this one, the band just confirmed that they will be resigning since B was the major composer for the band. All upcoming shows canceled, etc.
[Sep 16,2011 3:06pm - frankovhell  ""]
Yeah they played all bands except i think dimmhymn. Check out youtube. Lots of decent quality vids.
[Sep 16,2011 3:49pm - frankovhell  ""]

[Sep 16,2011 4:39pm - eyehatehippies ""]
I heard the name, didn't dig the music, was a little too "emo" for me, and not in the cool, Rites Of Spring sense.

Whatever. People do drugs, people die. That's life.
[Sep 16,2011 4:46pm - Alx_Casket ""]
"Several weeks before the tragic death of Lifelover's Jonas Bergqvist a.k.a. "B," we worked with him and Kim Carlsson on two Lifelover merchandise designs. It is a painful twist of fate that the finished products were delivered to our warehouse on the very day of his death, hence robbing him of the opportunity to see and wear them himself.
Kim a.k.a. "( )" and the other members of Lifelover are convinced that Jonas would have wished for the merchandise to quickly become available to Lifelover's fans. It is with their explicit approval that we make these new articles available now:
http://shop.prophecy.de/advanced_search_re...nkurs&categories_id=54&inc_subcat=1 "
[Sep 16,2011 4:52pm - eyehatehippies ""]
Best of wishes to the band and its fans. Just because I did not dig them does not mean it discredits the validity of their music, or the emotional impression it left on their fans. May he rest in peace.

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