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1973 Gibson L6-S ***STOLEN*** in New Bedford

[Sep 1,2012 10:30am - brian_dc ""]
Please if anyone has any information on the stolen guitar from the New Bedford show on 8/31. Contact Brian Williams here, at bwilliamsdc[at]gmail.com or at 401-749-4965. It is a 1973 Gibson L6-S
. Picture attached shows some specific oddities. Silver hardware on the body, gold hardware for tuners.

There is a pretty sizable gash in the headstock around the fourth string tuning peg. If the back plate is taken off from the
body, there is a burn mark from a sort of soldering accident from a previous owner on the wood.

I do not have a serial number, but I'm tracking it down.

This is a photo which shows the different color hardware.


A police report has been filed.

If someone gets a hold of me personally with information on this, I will be happy to not involve the police. This is a very special guitar to me and I simply want it back, no questions asked.

It was in a makeshift semi-hardshell case. There was a Dean Markley sticker on one side and some other sticker with a sun on it. Inside, bits of foam were used to fit the case to the guitar. There will be two sets of wire cutters and a bronze slide in the storage.

Please contact me with anything at all.
[Sep 1,2012 2:19pm - whiskey_weed_and_women ""]
Damn, goodluck dood
[Sep 1,2012 2:21pm - brian_dc ""]
thanks bud.
[Sep 1,2012 2:29pm - the_reverend ""]
1973? Damn!
[Sep 1,2012 2:51pm - Pires ""]

Seriously though. Sorry to hear that BWill.
[Sep 1,2012 3:07pm - Captain Obvious  ""]
People that steal gear should be executed.

Luckily it's a Norlin era. It'll set you back a bit, but you can still find them easily. But would a new one have all that mojo rubbed all over it? No. It will instead be sticky with the mojo of another man.

[Sep 1,2012 4:06pm - ryann_  ""]
this sucks, keeping my eyes peeled
[Sep 2,2012 8:17am - brian_dc ""]
Captain Obvious, your words are perfect.

thanks, everybody. I hope I can get my mojo soaked guitar back.
[Sep 3,2012 5:18pm - Pires ""]
To the top. Hope you and your loved one are reunited.
[Sep 3,2012 7:40pm - powerfromhell  ""]
these faggots probably did it...


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