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Snowplows demo up on Bandcamp

[Sep 7,2012 3:20pm - brian_dc ""]
This is the thing ex-Mast (myself included), Nature/Nurture, and current The Brother Kite dudes have been working on.


put in $0 if you want to dl for free (it's cool if you do)

If you throw some money at it, that's neat of you. But whatever.

I'm really excited about this stuff and it's not metal and I'll see you guys later okay cool
[Sep 7,2012 6:16pm - brian_dc ""]
interest is chong level high up in this particular internet collective heezy
[Sep 7,2012 6:38pm - anonymouse nli  ""]
Different but interesting. The vocals at times remind me of Built To Spill, which is not a bad thing. And the tone is damn full.
[Sep 7,2012 9:27pm - brian_dc ""]
heck yeah, I'm like tone loco and shit.

sorry, I forgot how to communicate like a person.

Thanks for listening!
[Sep 8,2012 8:03pm - brian_dc ""]
last bump before accepting that I don't post here anymore so it makes sense no one cares
[Sep 8,2012 8:21pm - yummy ""]
Partway through the second song the vocals start to become difficult to ignore. Oh well. I think the music holds up. You guys play well together. And I'll be that guy that sees you.
[Sep 9,2012 1:07am - brian_dc ""]
FYI, tracks 3 and 4 have a different lead vocalist. And Aaron!!! how are you?
[Sep 9,2012 1:16am - MotleyGrue ""]
sorry, this sucks for even rock standards
[Sep 9,2012 10:53am - yummy ""]
I prefer songs 3 and 4. Glad to hear you still playing. I am well. I'll keep you posted on the new project I got going. It really doesn't resemble anything I've done before. I play bass and is by no means metal. Maritime Pilot is playing in the ville tonight across from our space. I'll be up there if you got nothing goin on. It'll be a goddamn party.
[Sep 9,2012 11:35am - brian_dc ""]
Awesome, I look forward to hearing your stuff.

I have a thing for the other half's birthday so I'll probably miss that show. But those dudes are great and it will indeed be a party.
[Sep 9,2012 1:10pm - yummy ""]
5/4 people don't understand fractions. Enjoy yourself Brian.

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