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9/21 @ AS220: Infernal Stronghold, Rampant Decay, Sandworm, Holy Night

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[Sep 7,2012 11:07pm - Lamp ""]
Dick Jams Presents:

Friday, September 21st

Infernal Stronghold (Philly blackened thrash punks)
Rampant Decay (Providence crossover piledriver)
Sandworm (Mayhem covering The Ramones)
Holy Night (Killing Joke played through a HC filter)

115 Empire St. Providence, RI



event link - https://www.facebook.com/events/291035027670261/

[Sep 15,2012 6:45pm - RichHorror ""]
Less than a week away.
[Sep 16,2012 1:00am - Lamp ""]
good times ahoy
[Sep 16,2012 4:00pm - Satanistnli  ""]
goddamn...I wish I wasn't playing the shitty skeletonwitch show so I could go to this.....maybe I leave after our set and fly down
[Sep 16,2012 4:28pm - Lamp ""]
I'm probably gonna end up having to go to god damn work, but I also work right down town. Will be finding some way to see this.
[Sep 18,2012 12:49pm - RichHorror ""]
Time to fart up some barstools.
[Sep 18,2012 12:56pm - Randy_Marsh ""]
Richin' that horror.
[Sep 18,2012 2:59pm - punk potenza  ""]
worst description of sand worm ever
[Sep 18,2012 4:20pm - Lamp ""]
I'm guessing Steve's never listened to Ildjarn before.
[Sep 19,2012 7:21am - RichHorror ""]
Too busy writing love sonnets to his cat.
[Sep 19,2012 1:22pm - whiskey_weed_and_women ""]

RichHorror said:Too busy writing love sonnets to his cat.

Made me chuckle
[Sep 21,2012 6:55pm - Mike Brennan  ""]
[Sep 21,2012 7:05pm - Lamp ""]
[Sep 21,2012 11:34pm - demondave ""]
Rampant Decay just finished. Nice to see Rich in his glory.
[Sep 21,2012 11:35pm - demondave ""]
Infernal Stronghold are selling vinyl. Nice
[Sep 22,2012 12:46am - the_reverend ""]

demondave said:Rampant Decay just finished. Nice to see Rich in his glory.
was he sitting down telling you stories from years of old?
[Sep 22,2012 1:04am - demondave ""]
we had long conversations about Dio
[Sep 22,2012 1:28am - Lamp nli  ""]
I had to leave this pretty much right as Holy Night started and only got to pop in briefly to catch a single Rampant Decay song while driving around downtown. Fuck work.
[Sep 22,2012 12:49pm - josh_hates_you ""]
I got to this as infernal stronghold was halfway through their set. So I'll give the best review I can.

Founders Red Rye PA - Didn't realize $5 only gets a 10 oz snifter glass. Pretty weak imho since its only 6.6% and not terribly expensive or a limited release. It is excellent beer though. Got a 98 on beer advocate.com. It tastes much hoppier than the 70 ibu suggests.

Green Flash IPA - At $6.50 for a pint, no one said that good beer was cheap. Fuck off pbr/gansett drinkers. Little fruitier, less hoppy and easier to drink than the red rye. Not sure why they put which beer in which glass but I'm glad that this came in a full pint.

Founders Breakfast Stout - Holy fuck. I had read about this beer and wanted to try it but just never saw it around. It's a double chocolate, coffee and oatmeal stout. 8.3%. $9.99 for a 4 pack. Easily worth it. This beer has officially replaced both youngs double chocolate and bbc coffeehouse porter as my new favorite coffee and or chocolate stout/porter. This also got 100 on beer advocate. Hands down one of the best beers I have had recently. Highly recommended.
[Sep 22,2012 5:26pm - demondave ""]
that review is pretty dead on. Except you left out the part when I asked the lead singer what he was drinking and he couldn't remember. He just knew that they offered a lime - and who would say no to a lime on the beer glass? That's "Claaaassy"

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