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Dilapidated Enterprises Presents: Thu Nov 8 in Lowell, MA - CATTLE DECAPITATION, HIVESMASHER & PARASITIC EXTIRPATION

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[Nov 7,2012 1:04pm - blue ""]

Dilapidated Enterprises Presents

Thursday November 8

@ the Worthen House
141 Worthen Street - Lowell, MA
8 PM $8 21+

Cattle Decapitation (last minute show!)
Parasitic Extirpation



[Nov 7,2012 1:12pm - brodown ""]
FOR REAL. Don't miss this shit.
[Nov 7,2012 1:13pm - Spence ""]
I may have to go to hear first hand the story of how much of a douchebag Chris Barnes is, and to see Cattle Decapitation's singer spit a foot into the air then catch it in his mouth like he did at the NEMAHF '10. And because Hivesmasher are the nicest dudes.
[Nov 7,2012 1:21pm - Randy_Marsh ""]
i bet he would punch you spence because you are a dumbhead
[Nov 7,2012 1:24pm - Spence ""]
Doubtful, vegans are too malnourished to punch people properly.
[Nov 7,2012 1:31pm - fix'd  ""]

Spence said:I may have to go to this and play duck duck goose like a faggot.
[Nov 7,2012 1:32pm - Spence ""]
That too.

Goose Decapitation
[Nov 7,2012 1:33pm - arilliusbm ""]
Duck Duck Goose jokes are old, folks.
[Nov 7,2012 1:40pm - Spence ""]
"Cattle Decapitation has left the Autumn Apocalypse Tour. This leaves us without shows until we start the Blood of Power tour with Dying Fetus and Cerebral Bore. If you are interested in helping book some last minute shows in the NORTHEAST and MID-ATLANTIC areas (starting the day after tomorrow) please contact: dan@thepantheonagency.com

We're down pretty much for whatever! Time to make some fuckin lemonade out here on the east coast!"

If anyone wants to get a last minute guest on their show, looks to me like Cattle Decap is pretty desperate for gigs and food.
[Nov 7,2012 1:41pm - Randy_Marsh ""]
Maybe they will eat you because you are dumb.
[Nov 7,2012 3:54pm - Spence ""]
Just curious... are Cattle Decap playing in Lowell tomorrow or Buffalo?

[Nov 7,2012 4:08pm - brodown ""]
Lowell, it's very confirmed. The Buffalo thing was premature.
[Nov 7,2012 4:21pm - Spence ""]
Jeeze, I hope nobody shows up at the Buffalo show expecting Cattle Decap and getting bummed out.
[Nov 7,2012 4:26pm - Cattle Decrapitation  ""]
Who cares if people show up to Buffalo!!!! Worst poster ever.
[Nov 7,2012 5:04pm - Spence ""]

Last minute Cattle Decapitation shows booked in place of dropping off the Autumn Apocalypse tour, more to come!!!!

11/08 Lowell, MA @ The Worthen House (141 Worthen St.)
11/10 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr Roboto Project w/ Vektor
11/11 Reading, PA @ Reverb
11/13 Wooskie, VT @ Monkey Bar
11/14 Poughkeepsie, NY @ Pickwick Pub w/ Deiphago
11/15 Keene, NH @ Railroad Tavern
11/16 Danbury, CT @ Heirloom Arts
11/17 Middletown, NY @ Sounds Asylym
11/20 Trenton, NJ @ Backstage at Champs
11/21 Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus Bar"
[Nov 7,2012 5:25pm - nekronaut ""]
Ugh fuck off Tainted Entertainment in Poughkeepsie.. pay to play bullshit
[Nov 7,2012 6:30pm - Randy_Marsh ""]

Cattle%20Decrapitation said:Who cares if people show up to Buffalo!!!! Worst poster ever.

[Nov 8,2012 4:36pm - BlackoutRick ""]
Holy Shit!!! Upstairs or down? Upstairs is def too small.
[Nov 9,2012 2:19am - narkybark ""]
It was upstairs. It got real hot.
[Nov 9,2012 2:28am - Spence ""]

narkybark said:It was upstairs. It got real hot.

How many people showed up?
[Nov 9,2012 3:20am - narkybark ""]
I think they said there were 70 who paid
[Nov 9,2012 4:19am - Spence ""]
Not bad, considering the circumstances and all.
[Nov 9,2012 10:13am - MillenialKingdom ""]
I liked the place last night. Gritty, warm, intimate. Would see shows there again.

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