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What is Up?

[Jan 11,2013 2:43am - dneirflrigruoydeliani ""]
Just giving a quick hello to The Rev, haven't chatted with many of you in a bunch of years, but lurk on the occasion. I'll be back in the Boston area in a month and a half or so and want to see some shows. Are any of the dude from Phorphoria(sp), Raising Kubrick, The Taste of Silver, or Pillory playing in any bands? If so let me know and send nudes...
[Jan 11,2013 4:10am - Sum Fag  ""]
Everyone left. Black metal was cool for a while so it sucked, but is now officially cool again. Stoner/doom is the new black metal. There is still a RTTP radio show people should listen to. Spence is 5. Dumpster Fire are metal veterans. Raynard has a small dick. 212 does cocaine. Black Pyramid is a joke. Saint2Sinner were up for nomination for being nominated for a Grammy. Robin is a fag according to a fat Godzilla. Some people got butthurt. Chipaway bowies are on sale. Fuck brids.
[Jan 11,2013 6:45am - trioxin245 ""]
The whole time I was reading that second post,. I was saying to myself 'fuck brids better be in here somewhere.' THREAD DELIVERED
[Jan 11,2013 9:55pm - dneirflrigruoydelianI ""]
awesome, thanks...
[Jan 11,2013 11:44pm - BobNOMAAMRooney ""]

Sum%20Fag said: Fuck brids.

Tanks aren't real.

...restarting rttp post generator...

troll identified.
[Jan 12,2013 3:54am - the_reverend ""]
Blue is in Sexcrement and Dysentery.
TTOS either troll for dudes or puts their food in your maw
Pillory's only band right now is Infra Bruo I think.
[Jan 12,2013 4:29am - Avalonwinds ""]
Guitar playing .... *IN SPACE*
[Jan 12,2013 8:19am - trioxin245 ""]
Oh yea I forgot about space guitar pedo-snitch kid.
[Jan 12,2013 9:12am - Burnsy ""]
Dan from Pillory plays in a band called Dark was the Night.

Joe Christianni said fuck Fruit2O and is now an avid Mio enthusiast.
[Jan 12,2013 10:00am - KEVORD ""]
Girls said they would post here for life and left in two days, Shit Halpined, Fuckismysignature got butthurt left came back then left again, Arillium was BM got banned became white but is back to BM again, Reimroc died, Mopar Died, Rich Horror divorced RTTP and married a woman, Vital Remains is a fest with infinite members, Six Feet Under is Kevords favorite band, Josh Martin is in and out of Jail, Dudes looked for band members and got shit on, Rttp was the Skyrim forum for a few months, Ross punched everybody, People took politics way too seriously, trolls ran rampant especially toward Seax who wear spandex.
[Jan 12,2013 10:45am - Alx_Casket ""]
I had a successful diy venue for 6 months, then turned it into a gay bar.
[Jan 12,2013 10:56am - boblovesmusic ""]

Alx_Casket said:I had a successful diy venue for 6 months, then turned it into a gay bar.

[Jan 12,2013 11:01am - trioxin245 ""]
Oh and Hooded Menace has a MLP out on Blood Harvest records.
[Jan 14,2013 2:05pm - veqlargh ""]

KEVORD said:Rich Horror divorced RTTP and married a woman

[Jan 14,2013 2:24pm - eyeroller  ""]
Dick for the most part is still bro.

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