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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

[Jun 14,2013 11:16pm - the_reverend ""]
It is now $10 for the iPad. Anyone have an opinion of this game?
[Jun 15,2013 12:53am - Doomkid ""]
I also would like to know the answer to this query.
[Jun 15,2013 2:35am - Randy_marsh ""]
Good game, elder scrolls but star wars pretty much..
[Jun 15,2013 2:46am - the_reverend ""]
I'm wondering if it is worth the $10.
[Jun 15,2013 2:47am - the_reverend ""]

[Jun 15,2013 2:47am - the_reverend ""]

[Jun 15,2013 2:49am - the_reverend ""]

[Jun 15,2013 4:31am - AndrewBastard NLI  ""]
Not even close to elder scrolls...waayyy less open/more linear....still it was a fun game on original xbox.
[Jun 15,2013 4:35am - AndrewBastard NLI  ""]
Id kill for bethesda to somehow get the rights to make an elder scrolls game in the star wars universe.
[Jun 15,2013 9:01am - ark  ""]
Well, EA owns the Star Wars game rights now. EA also now owns Bioware, the original developer of this game. After the Star Wars MMO was a wash, I'd bet they'd come back around and make a game similar to KOTOR.

Anyway, just buy it ya fool. It would be awesome on the iPad. Wicked deep tactical combat and player choice and it's "the good kind" of Star Wars.
[Jun 15,2013 11:16am - arilliusbm ""]
Star Wars Galaxies wasn't a wash. It was real fun, but that queer game WoW ultimately dominated that market. SWG wasn't amazing but it had its moments.
[Jun 15,2013 12:29pm - AndrewBastard NLI  ""]
Yeah I wouldn't want it to be online. Id honestly want it EXACTLY like Skyrim but star wars...you could fast travel from planet to planet...each one completely different and full of quests etc..ornon fast travel but fly in your ship or a stolen ship and fly to the other planets being attacked by baddies out there, dog fighting and shit. Fuck that game would rule so many muchs
[Jun 15,2013 12:34pm - DYA is PORTED FROM THE JAPANESE VERSIO  ""]

Randy_marsh said:Good game, elder scrolls but star wars pretty much..

This except not Elder Scrolls and Neverwinter Nights, instead.
[Jun 15,2013 6:00pm - The_reverend ""]
So it is worth $10? I'm getting bored of dungeon hunter 4 so maybe this will be my next iPad game. I would love the earlier elder scrolls to come out on the iPad. Avalon was great.
[Jun 15,2013 10:14pm - The_reverend ""]
I guess I have to clear off 2gb from my iPad if I want to install this. IOS needs to have a centralized repository of game data. If I delete a game, the saved games should remain on a server. I have the 64gb model and I'm constantly out of space. When the iPad 5 comes out, I'm going to need to get a 128gb model.
[Jun 17,2013 9:45am - ark  ""]

arilliusbm said:Star Wars Galaxies wasn't a wash. It was real fun, but that queer game WoW ultimately dominated that market. SWG wasn't amazing but it had its moments.

not SWG... SW: The Old REpublic that came out a couple years ago. SWG is classic
[Jun 17,2013 9:46am - ark  ""]
i know FFT supports iCloud saves rev
[Jun 17,2013 9:51am - ark  ""]
i paid $59.99 for this game on PC when it came out in 2003 when i worked part time at a supermarket and did not regret whatsoever. so yeah it's worth 10.
[Jun 17,2013 10:24am - the_reverend ""]
I think you are confused. I know it will save things to the cloud while you have the game installed. I want to uninstall it and have the saved games still round.
[Jun 17,2013 10:32am - ark  ""]
so when you uninstall a game you lose the saves in your iCloud? that's BS. insert "Steam keeps saves in your cloud when you uninstall, PC gaming is better" argument. can't you insert another SD card into your iPad? LOL
[Jun 17,2013 10:47am - the_reverend ""]
yeah yeah yeah.. My iPad 5 will be 128GB I guess.
[Jun 17,2013 10:53am - ark  ""]
yeah apple should keep saves in your iCloud and have better management for that. if they don't want to make storage an issue and make more money on iCloud subscriptions then come on. or they can just sell dudes like you another iPad that's essentially the same exact thing for full price. =p
[Jun 17,2013 11:46am - the_reverend ""]
yeah... there are a bunch of things for iOS7 that doesn't work on the iPad 3. lame... so I "want" an iPad 4, but there is nothing hardwarewise that a iPad 4 really has that is worth it. I'm hoping the iPad 5 is "that much" better.
[Jun 17,2013 11:46am - the_reverend ""]
and they don't do that with iCloud cause iCloud is like most apple products, dumb simple.
[Jun 19,2013 4:11pm - the_reverend ""]
I just bought this.
[Jun 26,2013 11:27pm - Darth Zircon  ""]
Great game!
[Jun 27,2013 8:56am - wily faggot cleanup crew  ""]
[Jun 27,2013 9:01am - scottfromzircon ""]

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