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Aug 5 (Mon) - Nak'ay (IN), Living Void, Gowl vs. Misanthropic Noise, Spinach vs. Rollerskating Queen - Black Box (Providence, RI)

8/5/13 @ Black Box in Providence: Nak'ay (IN), Living Void, Gowl vs. Misanthropic Noise, Spinach vs. Rollerskating Queen

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[Jul 17,2013 9:35pm - Lamp ""]

Another round of grindcore for you sick fucks that like music that crushes your skull.

Nak'ay (Blackened grindcore hatred fury from Fort Wayne, IN)

Living Void (Heavy punishing grind from Boston)

Gowl vs. Misanthropic Noise battle set!
For those not in the know, a battle set is when two bands set up on the floor at the set time and trade off song for song, "battling" each other. These two stalwarts of Connecticut grind will be facing off this evening and it will kick your ass, assuming the heat doesn't.

Spinach vs. Rollerskating Queen
A clashing of two Providence hardcore punk bands, fast in your face and will be gone like the wind before you can beg for more.

Flyer coming shortly!

The Black Box
95 Empire St (first floor)
Providence, RI

9pm doors, 9:30pm show. $6
[Jul 17,2013 9:49pm - boblovesmusic ""]
I love the concept of the battle set, I hope I can make this
[Jul 17,2013 10:20pm - Lamp ""]
Trying to see right now if Nak'ay and Living Void want to battle too.
[Jul 18,2013 3:42pm - JibberJabberJaw ""]

Lamp said:For those not in the know, a battle set is when two bands set up on the floor at the set time and trade off song for song, "battling" each other

I'm about to have an ADDgasm. This should take place at every concert.
[Jul 19,2013 8:37am - RTTP Dumptruck  ""]
[Jul 19,2013 12:33pm - What if  ""]
She regrets ever wearing her Zircon shirts.
[Jul 19,2013 12:34pm - Smart azz hoe  ""]
More idiotcon
[Jul 19,2013 12:34pm - Smart azz hoe  ""]
[Jul 19,2013 1:09pm - Lamp ""]
Eh... it's keeping the thread up top.
[Jul 19,2013 1:46pm - arilliusbm ""]

[Jul 19,2013 1:52pm - RichHorror ""]
Only Darkforce is real.

[Jul 19,2013 3:49pm - 1122  ""]
zeon or go home
[Jul 19,2013 5:03pm - Lamp ""]

RichHorror said:Only Darkforce is real.


What system is this?
[Jul 19,2013 5:09pm - RichHorror ""]
Sega Genesis, youngblood.
[Jul 19,2013 9:59pm - Dan Hammer  ""]
Can Sonic Pulse get on this?
[Jul 21,2013 5:36pm - Lamp ""]
[Jul 24,2013 5:18pm - Suffer Now  ""]
[Jul 24,2013 10:34pm - Lamp ""]
Having the flu makes for some seriously ill rap battles.
[Jul 25,2013 9:54pm - yummy ""]
I've been out of the loop for a little while but I remember mentioning an idea similar to this to you Lamp, like 10 years ago. Glad you did it cuz I certainly didn't. Very cool.
[Jul 26,2013 3:39am - Lamp ""]
My memory must be shot. Any chance I'll see you around on this evening?
[Jul 26,2013 11:27pm - yummy ""]
The idea of battle sets but not necessarily with just grind, not that it would even really be a competition. Just fun. I will have to see how I'm looking
[Jul 27,2013 12:08am - Lamp ""]
Yeah man, it's not about competition. The only reason I added my band and RQ is because the show was originally confirmed somewhere else but to get it moved to an AS220 affiliate, I figured there would have to be locals on the show. The battles are to make everything go faster.
[Jul 27,2013 5:32pm - yummy ""]
Sounds fucking awesome
[Jul 27,2013 5:41pm - the_reverend ""]
A Monday? Damn.
[Aug 1,2013 2:26pm - Lamp ""]
Yes, a Monday. This Monday, in fact. People should go to this.
[Aug 1,2013 2:43pm - LAMPCRUSH3000  ""]
[Aug 4,2013 1:12pm - RichHorror ""]
[Aug 4,2013 3:02pm - RTTP CLEANUP CREW JR  ""]
[Aug 4,2013 8:19pm - Lamp ""]
Misanthropic Noise had to cancel but this show still rules and is tomorrow, aw yiss.
[Aug 5,2013 2:37pm - Lamp ""]
Tonight, get your funky fresh asses down to the boogie hall!
[Aug 5,2013 6:58pm - AndrewKinslayer  ""]
i cant decide if i think battle sets is cool or stupid...maybe its both. its a cool idea for violent short song bands, i guess
[Aug 6,2013 4:28am - Lamp ""]
If nothing else, it helps the show go by a lot faster. I'd say it worked well tonight, had a fun time.
[Aug 6,2013 5:40pm - RTTP_CLEANUP_CREW_JR ""]
[Aug 7,2013 8:22am - RTTP CLEANUP CREW SR.  ""]

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