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Oct 20 (Sun) - Buckshot Facelift (NY), Insult, Neon Bitches, Spinach - AS220 (Providence, RI)

10/20 @ AS220: Buckshot Facelift (NY), Insult, Neon Bitches, Spinach

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[Sep 18,2013 10:16pm - Lamp ""]
Another installment of the fast, you bet.

Buckshot Facelift (Hardcore, grindcore, death metal all in a blender from Long Island)

Insult (Fast long running Boston hardcore, you probably hate them and they definitely hate you)

Neon Bitches (You know 'em by now, playing some of that sweet Swedish/Japanese style hardcore)

Spinach (Some guys who do stuff. It's probably related to other stuff.)

115 Empire St
October 20th, 2013
Doors at 9pm, $6
Don't be too cool to show up on time.
Flyer coming soon.

[Sep 18,2013 10:18pm - Lamp ""]
I guess someone else already beat me to adding this to the events page. Weird, but cool.
[Sep 29,2013 4:20pm - Lamp ""]
[Sep 30,2013 4:27pm - truth  ""]
insult will drop day of
[Oct 6,2013 3:36pm - Lamp ""]
two weeks
[Oct 8,2013 4:13am - Lamp ""]
[Oct 18,2013 5:08pm - Lamp ""]
[Oct 20,2013 5:06pm - Lamp ""]
[Oct 21,2013 12:42am - Lamp ""]

truth said:insult will drop day of

Whoever you are, the second I saw this post I suspected you were right. The one person I had contact with dropped off the face of the earth shortly after I confirmed them for the show. They didn't even bother showing up or giving me any sort of notice that they wouldn't be there.

The rest of the show was fucking sick though.

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