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True Detective

[Mar 12,2014 9:18am - arilliusbm ""]
Best show on TV. Awesome acting, underlying occult themes, nude women, and great dialogue. Any of you scumbags watch this?
[Mar 12,2014 12:38pm - Alx_Casket ""]
gonna download season 1 as soon as I'm done watching Sherlock
[Mar 12,2014 4:55pm - CurlyRed ""]
This is one of the best TV shows I have seen in a while. I still have to watch the last episode.
[Mar 12,2014 5:48pm - deathchick ""]
Solid show, I dig it. Ending was a little disappointing.
[Mar 12,2014 5:52pm - largefreakatzero ""]
Is it on Netflix? Otherwise no care.
[Mar 12,2014 5:58pm - deathchick ""]
[Mar 12,2014 6:33pm - largefreakatzero ""]
I refuse to pay for HBO
[Mar 12,2014 7:12pm - Rust Cohle  ""]
In eternity, where there is no time, nothing can grow. Nothing can become. Nothing changes. So death created time to grow the things that it would kill and you are reborn but into the same life that youíve always been born into. I mean, how many times have we had this conversation, detectives? Well, who knows? When you canít remember your lives, you canít change your lives, and that is the terrible and secret fate of all life. Youíre trapped, by that nightmare you keep waking up into.
[Mar 12,2014 7:13pm - truth  ""]

CurlyRed said:This is one of the best TV shows I have seen in a while. I still have to watch the last episode.

they both die in the end
[Mar 12,2014 9:35pm - demondave ""]
This show was awesome. I went from absolutely detesting Matthew McConaughey to liking him.
[Mar 12,2014 11:00pm - Snowden ""]
McConaughey's final big monologue is lifted word for word from "Top Ten" by Alan Moore. I thought I was the only special snowflake to spot it, but some comics blog beat me to it.
[Mar 12,2014 11:09pm - MotleyGrue ""]
Great fucking series from beginning to end, 8 episodes of pure badass.

Deathchick: Ending was not fucking weak, it leaves you pondering just like the first episode, it moves on, has closure for the characters they caught their supposed guy. McConaughey's character killed it and transcended in the final episode. The duality for both characters and their progressions was interesting.

All in all a good show that I will have to rewatch again to catch anything I missed.
[Mar 13,2014 9:54am - arilliusbm ""]
Saw the last episode last night. Cruddy ending, but I think they're going to have a different story for each season. I definitely loved the creepiness of the two homes where the murderers lived.

Is house of cards any good?
[Aug 12,2015 9:09pm - Season 2 sucked  ""]
[Aug 16,2015 3:55pm - Wily Kat  ""]
Thunder! Thunder! Thunder ! Thunder sluts! Ho!
[Aug 16,2015 4:10pm - MotleyGrue ""]
Season two sucked when you compare it to season one, but still held my interest, (you people) expect too much.
[Sep 17,2015 8:29pm - 8=======D  ""]

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