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Opeth Leak

[May 28,2014 1:29pm - Opeth  ""]
Cusp of eternity.

[May 28,2014 1:51pm - Opeth  ""]
D/L Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/i246depwuaj8b1z/02_Cusp_of_Eternity.mp3
[May 28,2014 3:23pm - Hoser ""]
Pretty good tune....distinctly Arabic/Russian feel to it. I like it.
[May 28,2014 5:59pm - OP  ""]
I prefer Still Life above all. I felt the progressive elements in that record were what Opeth did and could do best. Nothing off of Heritage clicked with me. This doesn't click with me either. It's an okay song. I just feel that in comparison to older works, it is nearly devoid of any emotion/intensity. Change is change. whatever.
[May 29,2014 8:10am - DYA is DUAL BISMUTH YAW GATE  ""]
If you've got an Opeth leak, you probably want to check the wax seal around your septic tank.
[May 29,2014 10:40am - the_reverend ""]
both links dead
[May 29,2014 10:57am - Burnsy ""]
[May 29,2014 11:59am - arilliusbm ""]
Whenever a record company reacts in that fashion, you know the band is shit.
[May 29,2014 12:09pm - arilliusbm ""]
Also, the song was absolute shit.
[May 29,2014 12:16pm - my ahms yo hurst  ""]
listened to about have the song. cool-ish riff but was too repetitive and still lacking. his vocals also sound like dogshit but that could have been from a pre-mature mix i suppose. i'll give them one last shot and listen to the whole album when it comes out but not holding my breath for it to be anywhere near the same level as "their" (his at this point) past work.

bring back peter lindgren and martin lopez or GTFO.
[May 29,2014 12:22pm - Burnsy ""]
In case it wasn't clear, I was saying it was good that the links were dead.
[May 29,2014 12:24pm - Derp  ""]

[May 29,2014 12:26pm - Derp  ""]

[May 29,2014 12:34pm - OP  ""]
I like that version of the new song better ^.
[May 29,2014 12:52pm - the_reverend ""]
Opeth-shop Quartet?
[May 29,2014 12:52pm - OP  ""]
New link:

[May 29,2014 4:41pm - Godcrusher ""]
That was the most boring thing I've heard all year. What a crock of shit this band has become.
[May 30,2014 12:22am - Hoser ""]
I agree with 2 things posted here.

Still Life is by far one of the greatest

Bring back Lindgren and Lopez.

Awesome if they could....I'm sure that even Lindgren was sick of Michael's narcissistic shit.
[Jun 2,2014 12:40pm - bropeth  ""]

[Jun 2,2014 12:55pm - arilliusbm ""]
Just listen to Mikaels interviews. He's a narcisstic cunt. Peter got an education and a job. Mikael was mad at first.
Lopez went insane but it back behind the kit doing other stuff.
Mikael replaced emotion with pseudo wannabe 70s prog with metal influences.. done poorly.
[Jun 2,2014 1:18pm - the_reverend ""]
Blackwater Park is one of my favorite albums of all time.
[Jun 2,2014 1:22pm - DYA is DUAL BISMUTH YAW GATE  ""]
[Jun 3,2014 9:12am - Yeti ""]
You'd think that after the Heritage abomination I'd learn my lesson, but I still want to hear this. Akerfeldt is a fucking cuntbag now though, he's into this progressive bullshit because he's too proud to admit his voice is shot. This band died over 10 years ago and he's just been doing a Weekend at Bernie's skit this whole time.
[Jun 3,2014 12:50pm - Hoser ""]

the_reverend said:Blackwater Park is one of my favorite albums of all time.

Also a great album
[Jun 3,2014 10:32pm - spence ""]
While Heritage was far from their best, I actually think Watershed, Damnation, and Ghost Reveries were all great albums - and certainly miles ahead of Blackwater Park and Deliverance, both of which only had two great songs each IMO. (Blackwater Park, Bleak, A Fair Judgment, Master's Apprentices)

Of course, first four albums masterrace. But I never considered Opeth much of an nostalgia act to begin with so i'm happy to see them keep releasing albums, because even my least favorite albums by them have at least a few songs I dig.

Also, who cares whether Mikael is a douche or not? There's plenty of great people who make shit music, plenty of absolute dickheads who make great music. Irrelevant.
[Jun 4,2014 8:42am - Yeti ""]
wrong. it is totally relevant. the downfall of his music directly relates to his explosion of douchery. Watershed has a few really good songs on it, and it's far more cohesive than Ghost Reveries, but it's still mediocre compared to the brilliance of everything before. Blackwater Park is a masterpiece of astounding proportions. Hell even Bloodbath released a blah album when he rejoined. Down with Spence.
[Jun 4,2014 8:57am - spence ""]
I think people have their nostalgia goggles on when talking about Blackwater Park. Let me guess, it was also your first Opeth album to boot?

I actually think every individual song on Watershed is really good - Watershed's problem comes with the order of the tracks. I think if the track listing was different, and so it would actually have SOMEWHAT of a flow, then Watershed would be much more popular.

Also, Mikael's likely always been a douche. The difference is, nobody gave a shit what he had to say back in the 90's.

As a whole, i'd rank Heritage with BWP and Deliverance - the three most mediocre Opeth albums. And that's me being relative, since there's good parts of all three.
[Jun 4,2014 9:04am - arilliusbm ""]
Blackwater Park was the beginning of Mikael's inflated ego, and the beginning of the end of Opeth.
I first got into Opeth because of the acoustic guitar work. MorningRise was the first album I heard by them; and to me, that is Opeth. Blackwater Park is their crowning achievement with the layered metal sound, and Deliverance is one of their heaviest albums. Everything after, including Watershed and that fagget album Ghost Reveries is absolute trash, but your age group eats it up like it's real Opeth. It's not nostalgia, it's just better music. As for Heritage.. Well, If I want to listen to 70s prog, I'll listen to 70s prog. Wobbler still shits all over Opeth for modern Nord prog.
[Jun 4,2014 9:14am - arilliusbm ""]
He wants "metal fans to open their minds up" and said he doesn't care about losing fans.

It has nothing to do with opening your mind up. I'd rather rock out to Tatu than listen to Heritage. Fuck him, fuck 'Peth. Last time I saw them was the 20th anniversary show in NYC and it was a waste of time.
[Jun 4,2014 9:20am - spence ""]
I mean, I get not liking post-BWP Opeth, but I don't get the fellatio for BWP.

Even including all ten albums, Harvest is easily the most boring, uninspired mellow-Opeth song ever. Even including all ten albums, The Drapery Falls is still easily the worst metal-Opeth song ever.

Funny you mention Morningrise specifically, because To Bid You Farewell is easily my favorite Opeth song.
[Jun 4,2014 9:23am - arilliusbm ""]
I'm just glad I saw them live before they really got bad . The last time I saw them before that anniversary show was the Damnation tour with Porcupine Tree and that was okay.
[Jun 4,2014 9:33am - arilliusbm ""]

spence said:I mean I get not liKing WP Opetht I don't get the fellatio for BWP.

I guess it was mostly a culmination of everything they had built their sound into, at that time. It took the Still Life sound, but was more refined, and more heavy. The thing that stands out to me most about Blackwater Park (then again, haven't listened to it in nearly 10 years) is the sustained leads throughout, adding to the atmosphere. There's a lot of use of the ebow, etc. Deliverance was less atmospheric, and more straightforward.
[Jun 4,2014 1:15pm - Yeti ""]

spence said:I mean, I get not liking post-BWP Opeth, but I don't get the fellatio for BWP.

Even including all ten albums, Harvest is easily the most boring, uninspired mellow-Opeth song ever. Even including all ten albums, The Drapery Falls is still easily the worst metal-Opeth song ever.

I think that title goes to the last track on Damnation, and Benighted. Benighted isn't a bad song, but the riff is a cheap rip-off of Camel and the song itself isn't all that good. Harvest is a killer song, the subtlety behind it is what makes it.

Then again, I like ICP and Spence thinks Steven Wilson's solo work is actually good so who gives a shit.
[Jun 4,2014 2:06pm - Burnsy ""]
The Drapery Falls is easily Opeth's worst song? Fuck, dude. You gaht issues.
[Jun 4,2014 2:16pm - Opeth  ""]
Still Life/Morningrise or gtfo. I stopped listening as soon as I heard the first single off of Ghost Reveries. I thought I was listening to a Tool song.
[Jun 4,2014 2:41pm - Hoser ""]
Steven Wilson rules. His solo shit is annoying, but his work with Porcupine Tree was pretty impressive.
[Jun 4,2014 3:55pm - spence ""]
Actually, it depends on the Steven Wilson solo album. I LOVE Grace for Drowning, but I think The Raven That Refused to Sing is easily by far the worst Steven Wilson album of all time*.

(*that i've heard, but i've heard a LOT of Steven Wilson albums at this point.)

Nobody will ever agree on opinions obviously, but Opeth is always an interesting band to discuss because of that. At what specific point do you all think Opeth SHOULD have disbanded if you had that ability to change things?
[Jun 4,2014 4:09pm - arilliusbm ""]
When Peter and Martin left.
[Jun 4,2014 4:13pm - spence ""]
So ending with Ghost Reveries?
[Jun 4,2014 4:16pm - ATTN: SPENCE  ""]
easily you have said easily 50 times in this thread... easily.

[Jun 4,2014 4:17pm - Yeti ""]
yes, I don't mind Ghost Reveries.
[Jun 4,2014 4:18pm - Yeti ""]

Hoser said:Steven Wilson rules. His solo shit is annoying, but his work with Porcupine Tree was pretty impressive.

Yeah it definitely isn't an anti-Steven Wilson comment, just his solo stuff. "Stupid Dream" and "Lightbulb Sun" are some of my favorites.
[Jun 4,2014 4:19pm - Yeti ""]
and I love that My Arms, Your Hearse is never mentioned. That is my personal favorite and I am just fine that it flies under the radar.
[Jun 4,2014 4:21pm - spence ""]
I'm anti-Steven Wilson purely because the success of his solo albums/tours is probably the most likely cause for him disbanding Porcupine Tree. Horrible move was horrible.

Also, Still Life and MAYH are definitely my favorite Opeth albums. When they were at their best for sure.

I think Watershed would've been a great final Opeth album to end on, purely because I feel like it would've wrapped up their various styles in a tidy way. Heritage, even though I do like a few of the songs, was a totally unnecessary album and I can't help but think this next Opeth album would be better served as a Mikael solo album instead.
[Jun 4,2014 4:27pm - hlrie ""]
Just heard the "leaked" song. Uh, oh, no. The band is just... gone. Old Opeth was really great but they have just been jerking themselves off for so long now. Still, love the old stuff but this just makes me sad. I have no problem with prog. It has it's place and there are some great prog bands but, Opeth just ain't one of them. Don't why bothered listening to this just made frown.
[Jun 4,2014 4:36pm - Yeti ""]
I will take the structure of the last sentence as the proof I need that this song sucks.
[Jun 4,2014 4:50pm - hlrie ""]
Aaack. The song sucks and so do my typing skills, Tony.
[Jun 4,2014 4:55pm - Yeti ""]
blame it on Aaackerfeldt
[Jun 4,2014 5:26pm - hlrie ""]
Speaking of things I wish I had not listened to>>>>
I never thought this would be good, but I didn't think it would be this bad.

[Jun 4,2014 7:19pm - Spydre ""]

arilliusbm said:Wobbler still shits all over Opeth for modern Nord prog.

I looked up Wobbler out of curiosity after reading this. They're pretty good. Thanks for mentioning them.
[Jun 4,2014 8:51pm - Longdeadgod_nli  ""]
Definitely going to listen to the whole album before I pass full judgement, the guitar tone is heavier than heritage, just not much for heavy riffs.

Some random responses to this thread:
Harvest is one of my favorite tunes.
BWP and Still Life constantly battle for favorite album.
I'm with most on this board in feeling the band has declined mightily over the past decade, but it's probably just my nostalgia problems.
[Jun 5,2014 8:48am - Yeti ""]

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