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ITT: Everyone point and laugh at "Still Well Angel" pay-to-playing an "audition for Warner Bros. Records"

[Dec 11,2014 1:33pm - DYA is LITERATE LULZ LIBRARIAN  ""]
From the video description:

Playing No Friend of Mineion

You can't make this shit up.
[Dec 11,2014 1:33pm - DYA is LITERATE LULZ LIBRARIAN  ""]
Although I think "Mieyhiahwn" is more of an accurate spelling.
[Dec 11,2014 1:35pm - DYA is LITERATE LULZ LIBRARIAN  ""]
(The one random dude dancing around by himself @ 2:52 while the bassist jackasses around with his wireless is just priceless.)
[Dec 11,2014 1:42pm - DAYS OF THE NEW  ""]

DYA%20is%20LITERATE%20LULZ%20LIBRARIAN said:This is the worst Slapshot cover I've ever heard.


can this fagget wear his days of the new signature guitar any fucking lower? he's basically resting his balls on top of it. if he has them.

[Dec 11,2014 1:48pm - DYA is LITERATE LULZ LIBRARIAN  ""]
I just keep finding better and better videos, this pit has no bottom.
[Dec 11,2014 1:59pm - RTTP DEPT OF EMPTY BUTTDART VENUES  ""]
Working overtime here trying to find and document new empty spaces for SWA to play. They have a video of themselves playing to an empty room in just about every conceivable buttdart venue in northeastern Massachusetts. My wife tells me I need to take some time off, but the resolve of this band to play to a giant empty room surrounded by $1000 worth of PA equipment is just too strong.

[Dec 11,2014 2:46pm - Truth  ""]
I'm sure Still Well Angel loves all the free publicity they're getting on here.
[Dec 11,2014 2:49pm - Sacreligion ""]
Butthurt PMs would disagree with that statement.
[Dec 11,2014 2:53pm - xmikex ""]
Yes, the same people threatening to sue everyone making fun of them are just loving this.

"Truth" knocks it out of the park again.
[Dec 11,2014 2:58pm - DAYS OF THE NEW  ""]
post the butthurt pm's plz sacreligion
[Dec 11,2014 3:18pm - Sacreligion ""]
Okie dokie.

[Dec 11,2014 3:23pm - wobb rells  ""]
nothing screams rock and roll louder than grown ass "men" whining about cyber bullying
[Dec 11,2014 3:25pm - Sacreligion ""]
Please note that this PM was sent after repeated attempts to alert them of the scam they were participating in and that no actual label representatives would be present.
[Dec 11,2014 3:25pm - Big Shot Businessman  ""]
Whenever I nicely and professionally ask someone to do something, I always make sure to talk shit to them at the same time.
[Dec 11,2014 3:28pm - LABEL SHOWCASE  ""]
There may not have been winners (besides that 15 year old girl that won), but there were certainly losers.
[Dec 11,2014 3:28pm - wobb rells  ""]
the funny thing is, they all know none of that is true. they didnt sell out the place, no body is jealous, the place was not packed. what is he really trying to prove
[Dec 11,2014 3:28pm - Smoked a Big Cigar and Drove a Cadillac Car  ""]
I think this band's outta sight!
[Dec 11,2014 3:46pm - muddy may sugginz  ""]
This band is the goose that laid the golden shit. They just keep giving. I think there can't possibly be any more funny and then someone posts another new thing.
[Dec 11,2014 3:47pm - DYA is LITERATE LULZ LIBRARIAN  ""]
"I am asking you nicely and professionally to stop, something something crying on your couch like a doo-doo dumdum head. Ur jelly, hardest-working band, etc. etc. Now here's Robb with some thoughts about cum."
[Dec 11,2014 3:48pm - DYA is LITERATE LULZ LIBRARIAN  ""]
>> "it STOPS now"
>> it doesn't stop
[Dec 11,2014 3:51pm - wobb rells  ""]
mike you should have just dropped a "shutup fagget"
[Dec 11,2014 3:54pm - Sacreligion ""]
That dude just liked Dumpster Fire's page. Stay tuned for what is sure to be a well-written and professional thesis as to why we suck.
[Dec 11,2014 3:56pm - DYA is LITERATE LULZ LIBRARIAN  ""]
I'll just leave this here

"Bass Solo Fun Feat: Robb of SWA"
Come hang out with ROBB of SWA and some of his fellow bassists as they go headstock to headstock to see who will be "king for a day" on the bass! He'd be happy with just being a Prince but he'd be even happier if ALL of you were there to see it representing with your HEADS OF RED!

[Dec 11,2014 3:59pm - DYA is LITERATE LULZ LIBRARIAN  ""]
Well, this outta be interesting. I've burned the tips of 3 of my fingers on my "picking" hand. I typically play bass with my fingers (in Still Well Angel I use a pick) but, I guess today... pick it is!
What? You didn't think I'd bail for a few burnt fingers, did ya?
GAME ON! How many "heads of red" will I see tonight?

"When this sucks, here's my preordered excuse as to why"
[Dec 11,2014 4:00pm - Snowden ""]

DYA%20is%20LITERATE%20LULZ%20LIBRARIAN said:I'll just leave this here

"Bass Solo Fun Feat: Robb of SWA"

What's up with the gimp mask?
[Dec 11,2014 4:01pm - DYA is LITERATE LULZ LIBRARIAN  ""]
also "headstock to headstock"

OO=======o o======OO

[Dec 11,2014 4:03pm - MERP! MERP! BATTLE JACKET ALERT!  ""]

Who is the douchebag with the thunderbird and battle jacket? MERP MERP MERP!
[Dec 11,2014 4:05pm - Sacreligion ""]

[Dec 11,2014 4:08pm - Robb's AWOL Left Nut  ""]
Jesus. Did proper grammar fuck these guys behind a bar when they were drunk? Is that why SWA refuses to have anything to do it?
[Dec 11,2014 4:09pm - Red Head Redemption  ""]
Only our boys in SWA would take a general event like that and make their own page which of course is FEATURING their own player who also happens to be a nobody.

"WOW! I seriously got all warm inside. Even got goosebumps! The amount of sharing for this event is so friggin' AWESOME! I never realized, before, how much support I have. So FUCKING blessed!"

[Dec 11,2014 4:15pm - lol $250  ""]
"Charles Berthoud won the contest and received $250."

He could use that $250 to buy a pair of autographed strings from the contest's most prominent loser ROBB WELLS OF STILL WELL ANGELLLLLAAAYYYMRREEYEAH!!!
[Dec 11,2014 4:18pm - Sacreligion ""]
Or donate to Still Well Angel and double their current GoFundMe total.
[Dec 11,2014 4:20pm - Don'tFundMe  ""]
Robb's plans have more holes in them than his mom's roof.
[Dec 11,2014 4:21pm - 420  ""]

420 toke up faggets
[Dec 11,2014 4:22pm - TheRobbWellsUndeletionProject  ""]
Only saying you've never instigated an argument or threatened anyone, then deleting this post before you go to the police is real. (My apologies, some of the comments were not expanded.)

[Dec 11,2014 4:28pm - TheRobbWellsUndeletionProject  ""]
To paraphrase shrunken comments:

Robb: "Sully is just an asshole who was mad his friend's band didn't get paid on that benefit! Erick and I had a signed agreement and he knows he broke it!"

Lucia: "Those guys are dicks! Just jealous losers! I am going to blacklist them for doing this and then we'll see where they get!"
[Dec 11,2014 4:30pm - RTTP AND 1  ""]

Don‘tFundMe said:more holes in them than his mom's roof.

[Dec 11,2014 5:14pm - Reggie Farnsworths balls deep in Robb Wells  ""]
Is reggie the igor of SWA? Robb says something and this douche is all over his fake cancer covered micro penis
[Dec 11,2014 5:16pm - Reggie Farnsworths balls deep in Robb Wells  ""]
And who the fuck is this halloween decoration of a woman lucia? Blacklisting bands? FROM WHAT?!?!?! WHAT DOES SHE DO!!?!?! These people disgust me to the point of serious anger.
[Dec 11,2014 5:21pm - Reggie Farnsworths balls deep in Robb Wells  ""]
Blacklisting people from the industry??How can these freaks be so fucking delusional? Its like they are a bunch of little kids playing house. FUCKING AWFUL!
[Dec 11,2014 5:36pm - Charles Berthoud's 48 string bass  ""]
Robb Wells
BASSIST FOR STILL WELL ANGEL = automatic last place.

Stick to wearing gimp masks and your cum collection, because your bass playing is pathetic.
[Dec 11,2014 5:52pm - r to the o double b  ""]
Look at how he's holding his bass in that picture. Seriously. The gimp mask. This a a fifty year old man.
[Dec 11,2014 5:55pm - Sacreligion ""]
178 year old Robb Wells is disappoint.
[Dec 11,2014 6:00pm - r to the o double b  ""]
I'm surprised no one's come to defend themselves. Or at least threaten to sue us.
[Dec 11,2014 6:11pm - CHARLES_BERTHOUD ""]

Lemme tell you basic niggas what's up with Robb Wells. That nigga couldn't out bass me if I jerked off a lawn mower first. That bitch nigga play like Cliff Burton AFTER his ass got flattened. Nigga's slap harmonics sound like Newman from Seinfeld chewing on his own diarrhea.
I'm better than him, Josh Staples, errybody! Especially Josh Staples.

Thanks for letting me post guys. First time long time. Peace love and god homies
[Dec 11,2014 6:12pm - a really important guy  ""]
backed for best rttp thread of all time.
xmikex is batting 1000
[Dec 11,2014 6:17pm - wobb rells  ""]
i get a semi every time i see there is a new post ITT
[Dec 11,2014 6:20pm - Sacreligion ""]

wobb%20rells said:i get a semi every time i see there is a new post ITT

Troll identified.
[Dec 11,2014 6:23pm - xmikex ""]

a%20really%20important%20guy said:backed for best rttp thread of all time.
xmikex is batting 1000

I can't take credit for this. When RTTP comes together as a community, as the prophet Pepelis once foretold, we are as strong as we are /r/etarded.
[Dec 11,2014 7:01pm - Drunken Tom Hanks style baseball manager  ""]

Wendy's and hot topic proudly presents SON OF BACONATOR

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