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ITT: Everyone point and laugh at "Still Well Angel" pay-to-playing an "audition for Warner Bros. Records"

[Apr 12,2015 11:42pm - Sacreligion ""]
I didn't know McDonalds was part of a turtle's diet.
[Apr 13,2015 7:33pm - Anon  ""]
He's so happy. Can't keep them emotions bundled up so he's got to eat them instead.
[Apr 14,2015 1:40pm - hahaha  ""]
They're playing the stress factor Thursday, this will be awesome
[Apr 14,2015 2:28pm - Sacreligion ""]

Copyrights bundle duuuup.
[Apr 16,2015 4:19pm - SWA FAGGOTRY MA  ""]

hahaha said:They're playing the stress factor Thursday, this will be awesome

Starts at 6PM. This should be interesting since Stress Factor typically only plays actual death metal and not butt rock...

Radio trolling perhaps?

I'll be tuning for sure.
[Apr 19,2015 6:58am - Robb‘s AWOL Left Nut  ""]
So whatever happened with their super mmetal radio appearance? Did they keep their emotions bundled up at the awards show last night?
[Apr 19,2015 11:05am - Sacreligion ""]
I present to you, the best metal band in New England.

[Apr 19,2015 1:34pm - narkybark ""]
seems legit.
[Apr 19,2015 2:11pm - whattttttt  ""]
that is the METAL act WTF is wrong with these people, if that is metal I need to kill myself
[Apr 19,2015 6:45pm - xmikex ""]
At least this shitty Gin Blossoms band actually TRIED to make a video.

Also yeah, anyone have the Stress Factor details? I'm absolutely in to trolls these turds.
[Apr 19,2015 7:07pm - Sacreligion ""]
They played a hilariously bad live set and the hosts asked them some bush league questions. Was not nearly as good as I had hoped, aside from FIMS calling in and requesting a bass solo and the hosts trying to oblige. Unfortunately they were not aware. Also, apparently Converge into Isis into SWA is a fucking weird segue.
[Apr 20,2015 12:01am - hahahaha  ""]
According to Rawb's comment they "shifted" their "tour" to play this who's who of who gives a shit pay to play crap at some unknown venue.
[Apr 20,2015 12:04am - hahahaha  ""]
gotta scroll down about half way
[Apr 20,2015 10:13am - Reggie Farnsworth  ""]
This is ongoing. For the record haha haha, you have to screen shot everything.
It seems they check this forum out and once It pops up here it disappears from there pages.

[Apr 20,2015 10:22am - traveling band  ""]
"We found a situation where we get to help out Autism"

glad be in it
time end autism
tahnk u robb
[Apr 20,2015 1:18pm - Sacreligion ""]

[Apr 20,2015 1:40pm - swa is pissed  ""]
[Apr 20,2015 1:41pm - Parent of an Autistic Child  ""]
Hello my new friends! I am a first time visitor to Return To The Pit, what a wonderful community! Would Still Well Angel be interested in playing my son's birthday which is on Saturday? He self identifies as a lesbian corn snake and I would LOVE to see Robb's Bass Solo live in person! Please note we will serve Papa Gino's rustic pizza and of course endless Mountain Lightning refills LOL <3. Approx. 12 children in attendance, we can allow the band to play as long as no "Swear words" are used, we need to keep it clean LOL <3 and our children are very impressionable.

Please reply!!! Talk to you soon!

[Apr 20,2015 1:58pm - Alx_Casket ""]
SWA have been misconstruded into thinking that venues in the middle of nowhere North Carolina are going to pay them to play Disturbed b-sides. This is a business!
[Apr 20,2015 11:48pm - Hoser ""]

Alx_Casket said:SWA have been misconstruded into thinking that venues in the middle of nowhere North Carolina are going to pay them to play Disturbed b-sides. This is a business!

I hate it when people misconstrude things.
[Apr 21,2015 8:40am - Alx_Casket ""]
^Rawb's spelling, not mine. And i like how he admits that it's not the 90s anymore. Hope his bandmates didn't see that post.
[Apr 21,2015 3:15pm - Reggie Farnsworth  ""]
The continuation of this morning's post for those of you that are blocked.
He truly believes that pay to play does not apply to his band. It's astounding.

[Apr 21,2015 3:48pm - Yeti ""]
I don't get it. He thinks that he is owed money because he chooses to play music? He thinks that playing to 5 people warrants a pay out? I'd love to see a spreadsheet of how much money venues have lost booking shows to bands like his.
[Apr 21,2015 3:54pm - YOUR YOURE  ""]
the No Halos Weekend Tour
[Apr 21,2015 4:52pm - Robb‘s AWOL Left Nut  ""]
I'm not even gonna shit on bands that do weekend tours starting off; it's a way to start working and getting out there. But Robb acts like they're somehow unique and impressive for booking a couple shows with places that don't know better.

I feel bad for all the autistic kids that will be subjected to their bullshit.
[Apr 21,2015 10:25pm - French fries  ""]
[Apr 21,2015 11:20pm - Every guy ever  ""]
This thread has definitely been good for SWA, I had never heard of them until it existed. Can't wait to see this ridiculousness in person, which means more "crowd" for them to pretend are fans.
This thread has also been a huge source of enjoyment for me, their clueless delusional aspirations would be cute if they were, you know, teenagers.
I'm hoping they play a Black Lives Matter event, preen about how blerrrk ern wherrt should get along, and then get pissed off when some "nigger" steals their shit.
Long live this thread.
[Apr 23,2015 12:31pm - Sacreligion ""]

Show that might have an actual attendance = MOST ANTICIPATED SHOW OF THE TOUR LET'S DO THIS GUYS
[Apr 23,2015 12:41pm - yuor no friend of mine  ""]
who won the free dinner?
[Apr 23,2015 1:00pm - Sacreligion ""]

yuor%20no%20friend%20of%20mine said:who won the free dinner?

[Apr 23,2015 1:07pm - ROBB WELLS HAS NO PENIS  ""]
[Apr 23,2015 2:29pm - NH Brufaggotry  ""]
[Apr 26,2015 7:39am - Sacreligion ""]

SWA really packed the house on that pay to play clusterfuck "block party sponsored by Coors" with "170 people attending" that the promised Coors girls never showed up to. Really glad I wasted my time trying to explain to that promoter why his business model is retarded.
[Apr 26,2015 8:06am - grilled dickcheese sandwich  ""]

grilled_dickcheese_sandwich said:"I bet we BLOW YOU away."

Still Well Angel will BLOW YOU.

You would know fagget.
[Apr 26,2015 10:02am - Coorz Gurlz  ""]
Rob's comment regarding the Coors girls:
"If they're willing to model two of Still Well Angels tshirts, it'd be a reason to keep'em longer. I'm sure S.W.A. will let the 2 girls keep the shirts for an hours work (and some kind if sales pitch to promote shirt

Aaaannnnnnddd.....it gets better!

More delusions from Rob on the event page,
Good thing they "shifted" their tour for this hahaha:

"It's gonna be an AMAZING time! We shifted our tour, North, just to be a part of this.
Thanks for having Still Well Angel!"

"These shows exist SOLEY for your pleasure. ALL of us would be in our garages playing if great folks, like YOU, didn't come out to support us.
Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of playing for you. Hope you enjoy our set."

"If EVERYONE, who reads this, SHARES this event at the same time, 4:00pm, each day leading up to the event, VERY great chance we'll sell this out.
Let's blow the roof off this place!!!"

[Apr 29,2015 11:44pm - Robb‘s Cancer Victim-Victim  ""]
Free shot coupons for their Rhode Island show.
***Select Shots
***Before 10 PM
***If you dye your pubes purple
***If you tonguekiss the fat roadie
[Apr 29,2015 11:52pm - Robb‘s Cancer Victim-Victim  ""]

Has ANYONE seen hourly ticket prices before?!?
[Apr 30,2015 9:36am - Some White Guy  ""]
that's actually somewhat clever idea. too bad none of the bands are worth even $4.00
[Apr 30,2015 10:23am - Alx_Casket ""]
It's like the opposite of a happy hour deal... sad hour specials (every half hour).
[Apr 30,2015 2:14pm - Sacreligion ""]
I know I want to see a night of King Diamond, Helloween, and Testament covers mixed in with TWO count em TWO SWA sets!!!
[Apr 30,2015 2:16pm - King Thùnderstøøl  ""]

[Apr 30,2015 2:23pm - Sacreligion ""]


[Apr 30,2015 2:27pm - Wise old man on a hill  ""]
Only a week away! Act now or it might sell out!

[May 3,2015 10:36am - Robb's AWOL Left Nut  ""]
"Anyone wanna get in... for free?"

Now Raw Balls is just getting sad. I kind of love watching him shout into the void, begging people to please care about his shitty buttrock band. "Come watch us share the stage with someone from Meliah Rage! Anybody want a free drink? Free admission? ...I'll let you fuck my butt... Anybody? *echoes in an empty room. Robb starts quietly sobbing*"
[May 4,2015 12:55pm - Robb Wells translation service  ""]

Translation: No one is going to our awful show that we didn't finish booking. We promise there are other bands playing. Please help us promote. No one is buying tickets to our shitshow.
[May 4,2015 12:57pm - Anon  ""]
"Shing-ding". "Shing-ding". Fucking seriously?
[May 4,2015 1:36pm - King Thùnderstøøl  ""]


[May 6,2015 1:26pm - Walts fault  ""]
Someone get me a CD!!

[May 6,2015 8:47pm - xmikex ""]

Sacreligion said:


[May 6,2015 11:37pm - Slug bait  ""]
Listen to the track samples on the Amazon mp3 page, especially prick and tranquilized. Oh man.

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