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ITT: Everyone point and laugh at "Still Well Angel" pay-to-playing an "audition for Warner Bros. Records"

[Dec 5,2014 5:58pm - pow! right in the kisser  ""]
thats some next level shit right thar.

[Dec 6,2014 11:02pm - the gruffalo  ""]
Can I safely assume SWA are now Warner Bros artists?
[Dec 7,2014 12:04am - Sacreligion ""]
Only talking shit and making up stories about Dumpster Fire on your personal page and blocking them all from standing up for themselves is real.
[Dec 7,2014 12:05am - Sacreligion ""]

the%20gruffalo said:Can I safely assume SWA are now Warner Bros artists?

Bilkman gave them some good tips and they are in the grooming process.
[Dec 7,2014 12:07am - the gruffalo  ""]
so what's next, opening for nationally signed recording groups at their regional shows? Selling more tickets? Khaos?
[Dec 7,2014 12:37am - Sacreligion ""]
[Dec 7,2014 12:40am - grooming process  ""]
[Dec 7,2014 11:31am - Dem Connections  ""]

[Dec 7,2014 12:09pm - Wait  ""]
Did he really say "I swallow every seed"
[Dec 7,2014 12:18pm - Alx_Casket ""]
Krornr erf keryros!
[Dec 7,2014 12:19pm - frankly  ""]
even if he didnt , it is pretty obvious that he does
[Dec 7,2014 12:22pm - Sacreligion ""]
I am pretty sure the main guy in this video is acting exactly how I feel when I listen to this band.
[Dec 7,2014 12:36pm - Festive Eric Struth  ""]
Fa-La-La-La-Laaa. La-La-La-Fagget.
[Dec 7,2014 2:17pm - Alx_Casket ""]
Pics of yesterday are trickling in, no signs of the Milkman yet.

[Dec 7,2014 2:43pm - RTTP DEPT OF WITCHY WAYS  ""]
Stevie Nicks looks like shit these days.
[Dec 7,2014 2:44pm - DYA is LEGAL LENS TWILL  ""]
So is this sold out, or what?
[Dec 7,2014 11:09pm - Alx_Casket ""]
Just called the 24 hour addiction helpline in their video and got someone's voicemail, trying to find out which for-profit organization is behind that website that the band probably found with a quick google search to make themselves feel like they care about something other than a record contract.
[Dec 7,2014 11:45pm - can it be?  ""]
is it true? can this be the fabled gayest band that rttp has ever come across? only xkikex can tell
[Dec 7,2014 11:49pm - xkikex  ""]
it is gay, but is gay enough for me to make snarky remarks and then never actually do anything other than make snarky remarks? we shall see
[Dec 8,2014 12:43am - xmikex ""]
You're welcome for a top 3 thread of 2014.
[Dec 8,2014 1:01am - xkikex  ""]
wow the thought occurred to me that youd respond that way, but I had hoped you would have something better
[Dec 8,2014 2:40am - Dem Connections  ""]
A new level of trolling has been reached.
[Dec 8,2014 8:19am - Unreal Tournament Announcer  ""]
[Dec 8,2014 10:46am - Yeti ""]
I am disappointed with the lack of information about their shattered dreams from this show.
[Dec 8,2014 11:22am - xmikex ""]
The photos are amazing. Clearly a well attended and not stupid show.

[Dec 8,2014 11:34am - Alx_Casket ""]
The panel of judges for this Boston Showcase: Bill Millman, a former Sony music producer who worked in Artist Development and more recently as a regional promotions manager with Warner Brothers Records. Millman now owns Media Boss Television located outside of Boston.

"Panel of judges" is a bit misleading when it's only 1 dude.

The winner of the night: Rebecca Zama took first place in the showcase, she is only fifteen years old with a very bright future ahead of her.

Better luck next time at winning the chance to have a theoretical record contract, buttdarts.
[Dec 8,2014 11:35am - Sacreligion ""]
They are posting that article like it is specifically about them. So good.

On a side note, chair douche Robb Wells is posting someone's phone number on his page. Dumpster Fire trolled them pretty fucking hard this weekend and he thinks it is one of ours, but none of us have a 603 number. Something about pranking a radio station. If it was someone on here, he is posting your number on his page and encouraging harassment. Just so you know.
[Dec 8,2014 11:59am - Mystery Number  ""]
The mystery number is just a telemarketer, but this guy is so self-absorbed he thinks people pranking him.

[Dec 8,2014 12:09pm - Yeti ""]
wow. the only red carpet at that show was the one where their dreams bled to death.
[Dec 8,2014 12:09pm - pow! right in the kisser  ""]
Good thing they had that velvet barricade there to keep the screeming fans from getting out of control!

[Dec 8,2014 12:10pm - Yeti ""]
so all in all, this thread fucking delivered.
[Dec 8,2014 12:12pm - Sacreligion ""]
It just gets better and better. Don't talk too much shit though. We are now officially blacklisted from the industry thanks to this chick:

[Dec 8,2014 12:24pm - Yeti ""]
"in a country full of neanderthals I wear the fucking badge of honor"
[Dec 8,2014 12:34pm - narkybark ""]
I appreciate that someone thought that image was good enough to put their signature on it. Nothing says quality like jpeg artifacts and feathered edges!
[Dec 8,2014 12:48pm - Astronaut Sam Rockwell  ""]
Someone put the clones back, they're not finished!

[Dec 8,2014 12:58pm - YOU JUST GOT SPITFIRED!  ""]
[Dec 8,2014 1:02pm - Cross-Examiner  ""]
plz explain what repercussions came from that guy lady spitfire re: dumpster fire
[Dec 8,2014 1:05pm - Sacreligion ""]
She didn't appreciate it when I started asking her why undead Joey Ramone was blacklisting us from the industry.
[Dec 8,2014 1:05pm - Sacreligion ""]
[Dec 8,2014 1:06pm - Cross-Examiner  ""]
that + the lacrosse quip = A+
[Dec 8,2014 1:12pm - Snowden ""]

Astronaut%20Sam%20Rockwell said:Someone put the clones back, they're not finished!

[Dec 8,2014 1:21pm - Sacreligion ""]
According to SWA's reply to my comment in that article, they also get the chance to meet a real live major label rep at some point in the next few weeks, not just Live Music Shocase WINNER Rebecca Zama.

Speaking of which:

[Dec 8,2014 1:23pm - Sacreligion ""]
WINNER Rebecca Zama stunning the packed audience with her world class vocalizations.


I am actually frustrated with myself at how frustrated I am with all of this nonsense.
[Dec 8,2014 1:25pm - Wait a minute there pardner!!  ""]
I thought this was NOT a band battle??


[Dec 8,2014 1:27pm - Snowden ""]

Wait%20a%20minute%20there%20pardner!! said:I thought this was NOT a band battle??


There's only so much room on the Warner Brothers elite roster. Maybe all the other participants ended up on Rhino?
[Dec 8,2014 1:28pm - Sacreligion ""]
At Live Music Showcase, there are only losers.
[Dec 8,2014 2:19pm - xmikex ""]
Everyone here who has played music has played a show with 6 people there plus maybe the other bands and their girlfriends. It says a lot about a band if they spend the time having fun doing sketchy shit with their friends and getting in a fight in the parking lot... or if they spend it taking photos of themselves trying to convince everyone that it was a really important show.
[Dec 8,2014 2:40pm - Paullllllll  ""]
Those were the glory days mike. This band is truly sad and pathetic. Their style is dated for MTV standards and thats obviously what they are attempting to go for. Their bass player looks like a sex offender that was recenetly released from walpole. They obviously only play to their many white trash relitives and random drunks who wander into the only bar they play because they know the fat sketchy owner. Fuck this band and that ugly retard of a singer needs to return that hat to the set of the al pacino movie Crusing. Shit at least S2D made me laugh.
[Dec 8,2014 2:51pm - needz band input  ""]
so whos gonna post a link of this thread somewhere to bring it to the next next level?
[Dec 8,2014 3:02pm - Still-Birth Angels  ""]
It does, but i don't know if Rev has enough room on the site for their long winded one-man rants.

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