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Lower The Casket needs Guitarist

[Oct 1,2015 10:16pm - handinjury ""]
Lower The Casket is looking for a guitarist, vocal abilities are strongly welcomed. Must have availability to practice and play shows. Should have a decent guitar rig, able to contribute to songwriting, and have your personal shit together (4 wheel transportation,contribute to band related expenses, etc.) We practice in Warwick, RI and tune to D standard.

Interested, message the Lower the Casket facebook page.
[Oct 7,2015 8:54am - Handy  ""]
[Oct 26,2015 6:09am - Ltc  ""]
Still looking.

[Oct 27,2015 1:23am - DAMN NIGGERS AND JEWS  ""]
[Nov 11,2015 6:09pm - Mcgunker  ""]
I don't have one of those facebook things.
[Nov 11,2015 10:27pm - Fagget Detectorr  ""]
Apparently these dildos are so awesome that everyone should definitely know who they are. And aspiring guitarists should do their own research to find the sacred Fagbook page of this noteworthy band.

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