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Any "true crime" sleuths here?

[Apr 30,2016 2:59am - susurrate ""]
Interesting case. Bothersome, even. In our neck of the woods, so due to the local nature, figure I'd post it here to see what people think.



Part 1/5 - I'll let you dicks find the other 4 parts
[Apr 30,2016 8:06am - MattGemini  ""]
I commit true crime everyday
[Apr 30,2016 10:16am - Hoser ""]
We need more people that are into this stuff. Anything helps. People are still looking for Tammy Belanger as well. She disappeared from Exeter back in 1984 and her body has still not been found.
[Apr 30,2016 10:34am - the_reverend ""]
Something recently had me reading about this.
[Apr 30,2016 10:36am - the_reverend ""]

That thread
[Apr 30,2016 11:12am - MotleyGrue ""]
People go missing for lots of different reasons, sometimes to just start a new life, possible slavery. What is interesting is college age males disappear without a trace, police and volunteers will search the area for days, and when the body turns up it is usually near a body of water that had been searched already. In some cases they have been missing for days/weeks but when an autopsy is done it shows they are recently deceased. This happens on a global scale with similar circumstances.
[Apr 30,2016 11:40am - Dead guy  ""]
Weird case but she probably died of exposure. Hunter will find her bones. Happened here recently http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/201...skull_found_in_upton_identifie.html
[Apr 30,2016 6:38pm - the_reverend ""]
Yeah, there is a lot of wilderness and animals are hungry
[Apr 30,2016 10:24pm - MotleyGrue ""]

[Apr 30,2016 10:34pm - Tree & Rope  ""]
It's either blacks or Dwyer.
[Apr 30,2016 11:26pm - susurrate ""]

MotleyGrue said:

will watch tomorrow
[May 1,2016 10:21pm - Dead guy  ""]
[May 4,2016 5:00pm - MotleyGrue ""]
This is interesting.

[May 4,2016 5:48pm - susurrate ""]

MotleyGrue said:This is interesting.


that's pretty bizarre and chilling. some of the sounds at the beginning of the actual voicemail-the gurgly ones reminded me of when i saw a particular video 10 years or so ago of these chechen rebels slicing the throat of an enemy. the gurgling in the voicemail reminded me of the trying to breath while choking on blood signature sound. but apparently he was found in a body of water so that doesn't seem probable as they claim it was most likely death by drowning. i wonder if those sounds can be mimicked by placing a cell phone inches above the water while a subject is screaming underwater trying to be let go/breath. no clue. i'm going to look more into this case later.

edit: since he was a pretty well known auditor in his area, i don't think it's much of a mystery that he discovered some ill-kept books and some people didn't want that information to get out.
[May 4,2016 6:09pm - MotleyGrue ""]
I just stumbled upon this just a few hours ago, haven't found the full voicemail to listen to it in it's entirety. He disappeared on September 7th, found on November 2nd, he is missing for 2 months, found with high levels of GHB which is common with missing bodies that turn up in floaters. I agree it could be anything, but has the stereotypical details of huge number of missing person cases whose bodies are eventually recovered. Person who leaves a party or night out, asks to get dropped off or walks home alone making them a victim to be captured. At a certain point you have to ask yourself is this all just a coincidence, or something weird/sinister happening?
[May 4,2016 6:18pm - susurrate ""]
ohhh right the GHB. i heard that in the clip you posted. i thought that stuff went out of style in the late 90s.
i'd prefer it to be something sinister.
[May 4,2016 7:11pm - susurrate ""]
thanks for posting the david paulides thing because i had no clue as to who he was, but now i am very interested in getting a copy of his book(s). excellent reads for the shitter i am sure.

[May 4,2016 11:17pm - MotleyGrue ""]
Oh that's right, thanks for posting, I heard you ran down your mothers leg, guess I was wrong, your dad should have pulled out, the dumb bastard.
[May 4,2016 11:20pm - MotleyGrue ""]
Not being a dick though, there is a lot of fucked up shit that goes on there in real life, just saying.
[May 4,2016 11:23pm - susurrate nli  ""]
not sure if you misinterpreted, i actually do 95% of my reading on the shitter. did not mean anything negative by it.
[May 5,2016 10:42am - susurrate ""]
this ones always bugged me. the elevator footage is creepy as shit. ending up in a rooftop water tank whether self inflicted or not is even creepier. and also lol @ the people who were staying at the hotel who were drinking and bathing in female corpse water.


[May 5,2016 4:14pm - MotleyGrue ""]
Such a fucked story about her, too many weird things, first the Cecil Hotel had two different serial killers living there at different points in time, people have been murdered and have committed suicide there. There was something locked up on the roof to which she did not have the key, it took four fireman to open the water lid as it is too heavy, how did she open it? There is a semi non existent company called The Light Agency (?) based in the Cecil hotel which is very interesting, and should be looked into further.

LAM-ELISA Is a Tuberculosis Diagnosis test that was developed in British Columbia, the same place she was currently going to school, what are the odds of the name similarity and location?

There was a Tuberculosis outbreak among homeless people in LA around this time, the CDC sent scientists/dr.'s to use the LAM-ELISA test on the infected, again what are the odds?

If she is South Korean it would make things even more suspect.
[May 5,2016 4:53pm - susurrate ""]
one of the most bizarre ones out there, guaranteed.

not to mention that (largely terrible) movie Dark Water released in 2005. One of the main characters was named Ceci. and it involved a dead girl in a rooftop water tank that haunted the place.

the degrees of separation in all these things is fucked. sure we can make parallels anywhere with anything, but these are too odd to ignore.
[May 5,2016 6:45pm - MotleyGrue ""]
Dark Waters is a terrible movie, just adds more to the mystery of her death.

I read about this somewhere a few months back, this happened in NH.

[May 5,2016 7:08pm - susurrate ""]
always trips me out how dark water came out yeeeaaaars before her demise.

man that NH story is really fucked up. a little distant to be the 'ct river valley killer' or whatever he/she is called, but i'm going to look into that one a bit more.

love how the kids were just rolling the barrel around like a game of super nes donkey kong country and then bam
[May 6,2016 7:32pm - MotleyGrue ""]
And old favorite of mine Nico Claux, and in the very late 90's I did consider sending him a picture to commission him to paint a portrait of me.


[May 6,2016 9:11pm - Losing faith in humanity chapter 56  ""]

MotleyGrue said:

[May 6,2016 9:44pm - susurrate ""]

^ possible, not official, photo of Tara Calico.

Regina Kay Walters ^

being kvlt and all that bullshit is one thing, but being a true psychopath piece of shit is another.

not to derail the commentary, but seeing Macabre was the best show I've been to so....


[May 7,2016 12:56am - MotleyGrue ""]
I have seen several last pictures of victims, but am suspect of them. Never a fan of Macabre fuck them, don't mean to be a feelings hurter about it.
[May 7,2016 2:59pm - susurrate ""]
if peoples feelings get hurt about someone not liking a band that they do, then that's pretty weak. no butthurt here.
[May 7,2016 3:22pm - MotleyGrue ""]
I have known about Macabre for a long fucking time, knew what they were about, tried to like them, just didn't work for me, which is cool to each his own.

Don't want to take away from the thread about murder, unsolved crimes, always seems to fascinate me, just like the weird, strange, unexplained, paranormal, ufo, urban legend bullshit, I cant get enough.
[May 7,2016 3:57pm - susurrate ""]
agreed. we'll keep the thread going. people disappear every day.
[May 8,2016 12:20am - skeletonized  ""]
worth reading if you guys like the above posts: http://www.amazon.com/Faithful-Executioner...ent-Sixteenth-Century/dp/1250043611

insane descriptions of what kind of crimes were committed back in ye olden days. ex - bandits would kill an entire family/burn their house, but not before cutting off the hands of babies which were good luck back then. lots of raping, random murders for shitty/bizarre reasons, arson, all of which were often never solved. had to have some pretty epic public exeuctions to make people feel safe.
[May 8,2016 11:06am - MotleyGrue ""]
Sounds like a good read.
[May 8,2016 2:31pm - susurrate ""]


shit quality, should be on netflix however.

my opinion on this is drug deal gone wrong. no one carries 32,000 dollars in a box underneath a vehicle seat even if you're going to "look for land to purchase" in some random mountain area. plus, the situation with the aryan dude is straight up 'well- i just got chased away with a gun, so i'll have my boys take care of them.'

continuing the last known photo's deal, this one is bone chilling to me. smile looks totally faked (when compared to previous photos os the subject smiling)- looks like she's in fear (in my opinion) and the fact that she's looking away from the camera leads me to believe that someone *could have* taken that photo while the subjects parents were off to the side being incapacitated by someone or many someones. bold thought, but it could happen. what do i know.

[May 8,2016 2:37pm - ipfreely ""]
[May 8,2016 3:20pm - susurrate ""]

ipfreely said:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bella_Bond_murder_case

sad one. more parents that should have been chemically sterilized prior to conceiving a child.
[May 15,2016 2:10pm - ipfreely ""]
Not sure if this is related to this thread but this is brutal and recent:

[May 15,2016 3:21pm - susurrate ""]
decapitation is not easy, even with a surgical blade when done by hand according to things i've read. someone had to really want that to make it happen. that is very weird. i'll try and keep tabs on the case here and there cause damn that's odd.
[May 24,2016 7:26pm - ipfreely ""]
This is interesting:

[May 24,2016 8:13pm - susurrate ""]

ipfreely said:This is interesting:


whoa. 9/10 times this proves to be in-real-life trolling, but it would be great if it wasn't.

[May 25,2016 1:48pm - rotted  ""]

[May 25,2016 11:30pm - MotleyGrue ""]

ipfreely said:Not sure if this is related to this thread but this is brutal and recent:


Cult killing IMO, Texas, Drug Cartels, Santa Muerte, Satanists, Sociopaths. Could be wrong but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
[May 27,2016 3:51pm - This just in  ""]
[May 27,2016 4:49pm - susurrate ""]
unbelievable. that's sad. what's up with dudes by the name of castro fucking up women's lives? (ariel castro comes to mind)
[May 27,2016 8:06pm - NH detective  ""]
Nathaniel Kibby pleads guilty in NH kidnapping case:

[May 28,2016 1:08am - MotleyGrue ""]
Suck on this, dead alien human hybrid (supposedly) mystery.

[Jun 1,2016 2:46pm - susurrate ""]
what's up with people in the south? i buy something from someone and they say it's a time capsule, i'm opening that shit the second they leave my house even if they said not to. this is one of the weirdest stories as of late.

[Jun 1,2016 11:06pm - MotleyGrue ""]
She sold me her frozen mother for $30, sounds like a steal for aged meat, what is she bitching about???
[Jun 9,2016 10:19am - ipfreely ""]
Local. Seems like a code of silence at this school.


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