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New England Metal And Hardcore Festival 2017 (NEMHF XVIV)

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[Dec 5,2016 2:48pm - the_reverend ""]
Day 1 - Friday, April 21st
Kublai Khan
The Last Ten Seconds Of Life
Left Behind
No Zodiac
Brick By Brick
and many more!

Day 2 - Saturday, April 22nd
Swallow The Sun
Battle Beast
Leaves Eyes
Circuit of Suns
and many more
[Dec 5,2016 3:55pm - susurrate ""]
another year, another dud of a lineup.
[Dec 5,2016 4:56pm - Alx_Casket ""]
I'm interested in Saturday, looks a lot better than previous years' shitfests
[Dec 5,2016 5:04pm - susurrate ""]
sabaton, katatonia, hammerfall, amorphis, and swallow the sun appeal to me in some marginal way. seen them all before. with the exception of hammerfall who i saw at the palladium last in like ?2005?, they all seem to frequent this area fairly regularly. guess if you're going for a 'bang for the buck' thing it makes sense. but since fests generally cater to the "quick-changeover" doctrine, i doubt any of the aforementioned bands will sound/give their best.

i might wander down there. it's still a dud until i'm proved wrong.
[Dec 5,2016 5:23pm - NH Brufaggotry  ""]
$18 you fucking idiot!
[Dec 6,2016 4:16pm - Yelp reviewer  ""]

NH%20Brufaggotry said:$18 you fucking idiot!


Too much of a pussy to fight about it.
[Dec 6,2016 5:15pm - susurrate ""]
343 views. to think that people get their show information from this site.

fuck. i get show information from this site.

this is why people should post that shit at least a week or two in advance on here.

also, is metal thursday still a regular thing or nah?
[Dec 6,2016 8:01pm - Hey now  ""]
I was gonna goto this show but if susurrate is gonna be there....phhhhh
[Dec 7,2016 11:44am - the_reverend ""]
I find out about the shows I'm going to mostly from the events page. I also read it on my show on monday nights.
[Dec 7,2016 12:08pm - susurrate ""]
fuck thats right i forget about the events page. thanks.

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