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Movies to show your kid

[Oct 22,2017 1:35am - the_reverend ""]
I'm trying to give my kid a well rounded view of movies. Movies we have watched.
Dark Crystal
Night Of The Living Dead
Goonies (only watched half)
Predator (only watched half)
Blazing Saddles

To watch
Young Frankinstein
[Oct 22,2017 9:20am - Susurrate ""]
The thing, escape from new york, the warriors, and big trouble in little china might be quality choices as well.
[Oct 23,2017 7:51am - cdowns  ""]
You let your kid watch rated R Movies?
[Oct 23,2017 8:26am - susurrate ""]

cdowns said:You let your kid watch rated R Movies?

" [img] "
[Oct 23,2017 9:28am - the_reverend ""]
Depends on the R-rated movie. night of the living dead was r-rated in 60's when it came out, but it's very tame now-a-days. He was bored by it.
[Oct 23,2017 9:33am - cdowns  ""]
Just saying.. My wife would kill me if I showed those movies to my kids
[Oct 23,2017 9:36am - Motion Picture Association of America  ""]
[Oct 23,2017 12:11pm - the_reverend ""]
Is that really Chris posting? Carina has shown him worse content so its fine.
[Oct 23,2017 8:15pm - Erection section  ""]
Enter the Void and Irreversible are both great choices.
[Oct 23,2017 9:52pm - smelly93  ""]
movies i remember watching as a kid and still play:

Red Dawn
The Road Warrior
Zulu - would lol if that is still played
the fucked up Ewok spin off
Flash Gordon
The Last Starfighter
BLOOD SPORT !!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Oct 24,2017 12:04am - the_reverend ""]
oh beetlejuice!
[Oct 24,2017 3:49pm - Frank Ducks  ""]
Bloodsport was one of my favs until I found out all the bullshit at the end is completely fake.

There is no Kumite and the Dim Mok doesn't exist.
[Jul 25,2021 6:05pm - the_reverend ""]
As he's 11... I'm adding to the list.
Natural Born Killers
Reservoir Dogs.

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