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i challenge TurtleBoy to a trolling wa-- ... oh, who the hell cares?

[Dec 7,2017 8:59am - grandmotherweb.  ""]
Dan Robinson is a terrible vocalist. He acts like a stuck up snob to cover up his insecurities.
[Dec 7,2017 10:05am - Dunkin Dicknutz  ""]
Have you ever held a convo with this dude? Hes the most arrogant asshole in the scene. I met him here in New Hampshire a while back. His terrible band played and I felt compelled to compliment him for at the very least being a part of the show. He didnt bring a single paying customer. He sat at the bar with his bandmates the whole time like a bunch of drunk gays. the music sucked like Dunkin Dicknutz. Dan passed out come gay tape that he said he recorded on analogue and I told him who cool to his face then later on that night when we were closing up I saw a pile of cassettes in the trash. Dude, no one likes to listen to brutal gay core vocals in high contrast to a fat bitch singing high pitched. Its not special and its been done a million times before. It makes you look like another doom rip.
[Dec 7,2017 10:06am - YOUR TAPE IS IN THE TRASH YO  ""]
[Dec 7,2017 10:07am - Not a viking  ""]
Your not a Viking bro. Vikings dont wear patched poser jackets.
[Dec 7,2017 10:38am - grandmotherweb ""]
eh, Dark Passenger is cool.
[Dec 7,2017 10:49am - Not a viking  ""]
They are not vikings.
[Dec 11,2017 1:01pm - TURTLEBOY RKT BOIISSs  ""]
She won....go slept bitches.

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